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I woke up in the middle of NY and I was sorrounded by masked people. Somehow i knew them. My memory disappeared but still i knew them. They were talking to me like they knew me for a long time. I asked their names, the first one said he was Peter Parker/Spider-man,  the second one was Iron Man. They said "The civil war it's over, Arachno-boy, you may now go home.". I asked if i was Arachno-Boy and they said yes. I was dressing the Iron Spider costume but my costume was diferent because it was a symbiont. Later Toxin talked to me and explained  everything about my costume. Patrick Mulligan's symbiont Toxin was the twin brother of my symbiont and both of us fight in the name of justice. After that stark gave me an invitation to rest at his HQ I accepted, but before I wanted to test my powers. This is the begining of my story if yu want to know more you know where I am. Your friends Arachno-Boy and the symbiont wich name is Death