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Issues containing BMWW moments

Issues with significant interactions between Batman and Wonder Woman.

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  • Diana goes straight to Batman to confide her feelings after the events with Maxwell Lord. Sadly, he condemns her actions and tells her to get out. However, he does seem very broken-hearted concerning the whole affair.

  • Wonder Woman speculates about possibly ruling the world, at her feet are shown four suitors. And, of course, one of these suitors is Batman, which is a cute reference by Gail to the various ships out there.

  • This issue mainly concerns how Batman and Diana clash with each other. However, in one scene, Batman attempts to enter into Hiketeia with Diana, which involves a pretty sexy scene between the two.

  • A brilliant and beautiful look at the relationships between the Trinity. Meltzer got Batman and Superman exactly right, though his Diana seems a bit flat. The one about Diana that he did get correct, however, was her relationship with Bruce. Has some great BMWW scenes and is amazing story in its own right.

  • Goes into the neglected relationship between Batman and Wonder Woman. She views the Bats as an honorable, great man and seems to be truly friends with him.

  • No issue covers their relationship in the detail that this one does. Unforunately, most of the interaction between the two happens only within Diana's mind. Still worth picking up, however, if you're interested in the couple.

  • Batman and Wonder Woman dealing with the aftermath of their kiss. Not much in here, just a little scene, where Batman--*gasp*--actually says that he needs someone. That someone in this case is Wonder Woman. And her reaction is much the same as the reader... "Will wonders never cease?" are her exact words. Also contains a cute moment where the completely clueless Superman is shocked to find out about the budding romantic feelings between Bats and Wondie.

  • Batman and Wonder Woman go on a date. Well, almost. The details are a little blurry, but basically she shows up for dinner at Wayne Manor and the chicken formerly known as Batman decides to skip out on her to go beat up villains. Which is exactly in character for him, so it didn't really come as a huge surprise. The BMWW moment ends with Wonder Woman telling Batman she'll rip him a new one if he ever stands her up again. Well, not in so many words, but that was the gist. All in all, the relationship is only covered for four pages of the comic, so whether or not you read this depends on your level of obsession with the couple.

  • Again, there's not much in here, but there is a cute moment where Batman and Diana hang around in the hallway for a few minutes. Neither says anything, until Wonder Woman informs Batman that they need to talk. Batman starts to agree, but is interrupted by Superman. They have official league business to deal with, after all. Grr. Exactly one page worth of good stuff.

  • Batman and Wonder Woman kiss. Yes, they do and then they die. Worth picking up just for that moment--because the story is shit. I've only been able to find like four scenes where they kiss in all the comics and this is the only one which is continuity. Sadly, the artist didn't feel like portraying the kiss in any sort of detail. [Not to mention that the artist is awful in the first place.]

  • A review I read of this comic described the BMWW scene as "Batman and Wonder Woman make goo-goo eyes at each other." I'm stealing that description, because it's fairly accurate. The goo-goo eyes only last for one page, unfortunately, but he does call her beautiful, which made me happy.

  • Definitely the best continuity BMWW moment since almost ever. Not only are they sparring, which we all know is sexy, they are also flirting. The issue also contains an extremely cute Clois scene. What I want to know is, how did Kelly start out so good and then get so bad?

  • Not really surprising to find a BMWW moment in this, since it's by the guy who wrote Generations. The moment is very short and sweet and definitely worth reading. The whole issue is worth reading, as a matter of fact, particularly if you're a fan of Diana.

  • Contains some good stuff. Batman and Diana discuss her future. Bruce smiles a lot, which was both highly satisfying and strange. Still a pretty cute moment, though.

  • Diana and Bruce flirt. Probably the best moment between the two since before Infinite Crisis. And they're so cute when they flirt... Though I have to admit, coming out in the daytime is slightly out of character for the Bats. Definitely one of my favorite scenes.

  • Not much in here, but some good stuff. Batman rejects the creature possessing him for Diana and then they have a lovely conversation after which she kisses him on the cheek. Bonus: Dick and Donna speculate about the friendship between Bruce and Diana. "I think they kind of like each other," are the exact words.

  • Batman doesn't need faith when he has Wonder Woman. No really, he does say that, even if that sounds cheesy enough to be from a Pre-Crisis issue. The action plotline isn't too bad either, though I don't think action scenes are Jimenez's strong point.

  • Alfred questions Bruce about a possible romantic relationship with Diana. Batman denies anything, of course, but as we all know, Alfred is always right.