My X-Men Team for Days of Future's Past

My top ten mutant heroes and/or villains who I believe will be essential in surviving and possibly end the takeover of Sentinels in the DOFP timeline. I'm going with the 616 version of the character and their current situation (I.E. Magneto powers severely weakened, Wolverine's healing factor pretty much non-existent, etc).

List items

  • With her phasing ability, which if used on unprotected technology, could short it out, or to protect others if they were to be attacked by a Sentinel, IMO one of the most useful Mutants.

  • With the ability to create highly advanced technology, he could possibly come up with a way to disable sentinels

  • There will be a need for a teleporter if things get too out of hand. Out of all the teleporters in the X-Men universe, Illyana's stepping discs seem to be the useful way of transport

  • There is no better tactics specialist or leader among the mutants than Cyclops. Despite his current situation with his powers being out of control (or even more so for Cyke), if he lets loose, he can really let those mutant-hunting robots have it.

  • Like Cyclops, Storm is a leader and has the mutant powers to push back some purple robots.

  • Eva's "time bubbles" could really help with stopping a horde of sentinels, allowing for her and the team to get away. It also seems as though her abilities are not limited to simply freezing time, but also travelling through time, which, if Forge could develop a device to help her utilize her powers to the point that she can go through time freely, well its a big advantage ( Plus I really like her character in Uncanny X-Men)

  • Going to need a healer in case there's a situation where someone is severely injured. Since Triage can heal others (even bring them back from the dead), he may be needed.

  • In that timeline, Mutantkind will need every bit of luck they can get and who's luckier than the woman who can manipulate probability? Maybe Scarlet Witch, but you can't really trust someone who's powers, if out of control, can make things a whole-lot worse

  • I feel as though a telekinetic is always good on a team and I feel as though Vance's telekinetic abilities are overshadowed by those who possess the DNA of Jean Grey.

  • If blasting them with force, short-circuiting them with lightning, freezing them with extreme cold, or phasing through them doesn't work, well Burn, Baby, Burn.