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  • My favorite hero ever. He is the greatest detective EVER. WE have his friends ives and bernard and his girlfriend who is the daughter of a villain, it would work!

  • Name it Gotham. Just show all the heroes and villains in there. Make the main characters the cops and make it realistic. Have BOP in it and not many knowns and have batmna in the shadows. Show the cops deal with villains the cops being like Renee, Harvey, GORDON, and maybe Essen. It would be cool.

    Law and Order Gotham City

  • He is the Flash AHAAH HE'll save every one of us But seriously Wally is the best and fastest. have Bart Allen as Kid Flash or as Impulse

  • i think it is better in some ways and has better cast some times

  • Superman's Pal use his point of veiw