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This feeling.

I have two great loves; movies and comic books.

To describe this feeling I have to my "normal" friends (those who aren't into comic books or movies) is impossible. My peers see a cool action movie in Thor, Iron Man, X-Men, etc. I see my childhood dreams becoming a reality. It's a feeling I never thought I could feel.

In one years time, The Avengers will be out. For those of you with an ounce of comic love, ARE YOU FREAKING OUT AS MUCH AS I AM? I mean, it's the freaking Avengers. The greatest team (sorry JLA, more of a Marvel man) comics have ever seen is going to be on the big screen. Millions of dollars are being poured into something I absolutely love. I imagine this is what Harry Potter fans feel like with this final installment of the series coming this summer.

Thor proved that high concept could make it, which is why I am most excited for Green Lantern. It's taking that space idea to the extreme. I pray, pray that it does well, because GL is not only a crazy space adventure, it's a crazy comic book universe. If it succeed, it could open the doors for so much more.

Fox pretty much destroyed any love I could have for the X franchise. Do I even have to mention Deadpool? God, I haven't seen a raping that bad- naw, I won't finish that statement. But it hurt. Deliverance hurt. So let me be the first to say GOD DAMN DOES FIRST CLASS LOOK GOOD. My most anticipated flick (Besides Super 8) of the summer. Early reviews are mad positive, and it just looks like a winner. With each trailer and tv spot, it gets better and better. I hope this makes Fassbender a household name, because the man is talented.

Captain America? Fuck yeah. It looks righteous. Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull is chock full of win I can barely contain my excitement. 

My friends, this feeling I have is indescribable. So for now, I'll call it Nerdlove.

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