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Wow 0

This issue is incredible.It truly is. Here we get to see Thessaly's violent streak, as she unleashes bloody vengeance. That's right. In this series finale, Thess gets even. The lucky ones die. We also get to see where Fetch's loyalty really lies.A lot has been said of Thessaly's cold character, but I have to say that I didn't really get that from her. I saw her as sharp, intelligent, rational, and a little detached. It is not that she is incapable of feeling, merely that this is not what drives ...

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Things Get Serious... 0

Going into the third of four issues, I couldn't help but wish this was a six part series.This issue follows Thessaly as she confronts the next guardian, on her quest to track down the Death Gods who want her soul.Fetch is proving to be quite an interesting character. While originally sent to lead Thessaly to her doom, by this issue it is obvious that he is quite fond of her, and his motives remain unclear. This uncertain alliance creates an intriguing dynamic between the two, each unsure of the ...

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Don't Mess With Thess! 0

In this, the second issue of The Thessaliad, we are introduced the Death Gods who want to eat Thessaly's soul. We also learn a little more about Fetch's origins, and the results are quite interesting. I found this issue fascinating, and had to read through a few times, if only to catch more of the different character cameos and references in the brilliant subway scenes.The plot of this issue involves Thess's quest to track down those who are hunting her. As Thess herself says: "If I strictly adh...

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A Good Start 0

I should begin by explaining that I am by no means what you would call a Sandman expert. Having read only a few Sandman one-shots (and some of The Dreaming), I'm coming to the character of Thessaly completely fresh, with no prior knowledge of her at all.The Thessaliad is the first of two four-issue spin offs featuring Thessaly, an ancient Greek witch. The narrator of the story is Fetch, a spiritual entity which has been sent to track Thessaly down by the Death Gods, who wish to feast on her very...

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Things Aren't Always Black and White 6

The shocking opening sceneMat Johnson, writer of Incognegro, knows discrimination all too well. As a light skinned African-American, he encountered a lot of prejudice growing up as he did not fit conveniently into any race category. His feelings on this, as well as the real life story of Walter White, are what led him to create Incognegro.From the outset, the book is disarmingly frank, opening with the public lynching of a young black man and the indifference - and even glee - of the white crowd...

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A Bleak Masterpiece 0

Tainted is a one-shot that was originally released in 1995.It tells the story of George Palmer, a man still haunted by the death of his sister and parents at an early age. Though he maintains a facade of normality, we quickly learn that there is more to George than meets the eye. When he rents out his family home in an attempt to come to terms with his intense grief, he sets off a chain of events that will leave him fighting for his sanity. The presence of new tenants - a junkie named Steve and ...

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It Would Be A Sin Not To Give This Comic A Chance 8

If nothing else, the staff at Marvel's short lived Razorline imprint had some really good ideas.Each Razorline title was based on detailed concepts, character ideas and story outlines by acclaimed British horror author Clive Barker (all hail Clive!). At the time, he stated that his aim was to portray a re-imagining of the superhero in a 90's context, and to create his own vision of what this could mean. As a result, four new titles were born: Ectokid, Hokum and Hex, Hyperkind and Saint Sinner. O...

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I'll Stick With The Original, Thanks 4

I must start by saying that this review will deal with adult themes, so if you're easily offended then steer clear of this review, and Crossed in general!Secondly, I know this isn't exactly the popular opinion, but I really don't rate Crossed Family Values at all.Let me explain: I'm no prude. Guts and gore do not bother me. I don't think a piece of art has ever offended me. Ever. I mean, get a life, right? They're drawings. That said, CFV left me with a bad taste in my mouth.The first volume, Cr...

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Great British Humour 4

When I was a little girl, I believed everything my parents told me. Unfortunately for me, my parents had a wicked sense of humour. As a result, I believed such classics as:When the ice cream van plays music, that means there's no more ice cream leftIf you play with your bellybutton, your bum will fall offThe world was black and white until somebody invented colourIf you lie, your tongue will turn blackIf you were ever fed whoppers like these, then this is the book for you. Written by Andy Riley,...

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Scare Tactics #5 Best In Series? 2

For a comic book about a rock band full of teenage monsters, DC's Scare Tactics possesses a surprising emotional depth. Look past Scream Queen's bad girl, too-tough exterior, and you will see a frightened young woman who has lost everyone she has ever loved. Similarly, beneath Grossout's tough and physically imposing exterior is something quite unexpected.During the comic's 12 issue run, at least one issue would focus on each of the main monster characters, providing an insight into each charact...

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