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The X-Feels

A list of episodes that hit me right in the feelings! :O

(list is incomplete, finishing later)


List items

  • A woman who suffers from severe mental illness is taken in by a suicide cult. Upon meeting him, she is convinced that she and Mulder were lovers in a former life. He finds evidence to back up her theory, but she is too far gone, and he cannot save her.

  • Scully struggles to come to terms with the death of her father, and tries to make sense of a vision she has of him, at the exact moment that he is dying.

  • When the Lone Gunmen cannot stop the outbreak of a virus in time, they give their lives to save everyone else. A noble end for three fantastic characters. NOOOO! BYERS! WHYYYYY?? :O

  • Years after she escapes from a man who abducted her, a young girl is found to have a connection with his latest victim. At first she is too afraid to help the girl, but eventually changes her mind, saving the girl's life at the cost of her own. Heartbreaking to see a character die who has already been through so, so much.

  • A sick serial killer claims to know the whereabouts of Mulder's sister. It's the heart shaped souvenirs he cuts from their nightgowns, and the thought of all those little girls alone in the ground. Heartbreak every time.

  • Now this is an odd one. I find a lot of Scully's cancer episodes to be a little heavy handed, but it is at the end of this episode - in which a man eats the cancer of others as part of his regenerative ability - that the truth dawns on her, leaving her crushed and unable to speak. The horror, Dana. The HORROR.

  • When the same day keeps repeating over and over, a young woman is cursed to watch helpless every day as her boyfriend tries and fails to ro a bank. She is the only one with any memory of what is happening, and tries every time the day starts over to do something different and "get it right" so that time will move on. Sadly, it is only with her own death that the cycle is broken.

  • A shy, reserved man bottles up his emotions to such an extent that they manifest in the weather around him. When he becomes consumed with love for a woman he cannot have, his pent up feelings threaten to destroy the entire town.

  • A porter with learning difficulties cares very much for the patients at her hospital, and tries to protect them in her own way. When a doctor begins killing patients off, Audrey creates a safe haven for them with her mind, a simplified version of the hospital which she can tap into by focusing her strange gift on a replica model of the building. Here, she learns how to communicate with comatose patients, and warn them of what is going on, as well as passing messages between the living and the dying. A remarkable woman, whether she knew it or not.

  • An alien comes to Earth and adopts a human identity so that he can learn how to play baseball and have fun - fun being a strange concept on his home planet. But when his people find out what he has done, they send a bounty hunter to Earth to kill him. Which would be sad enough, but before killing him, his executioner demands that he show his true face and die with dignity. The alien's response? Yup, you guessed it. "This is my true face".

  • when X is found to be helping Mulder, the Syndicate have him killed. In his last moments, he crawls along the floor and scrawls the next clue in his own blood, defiant to the end. *bottom lip wobbles* What a hero.

  • When her husband to be is killed in a vicious racial attack, a young Jewish woman turns to folk magic in attempt to bring him back as a golem. But after realising that he is no longer the man she loved, Mulder and Scully convince her to break the spell she has placed on him and allow him to rest. Before she says her final goodbyes, she holds a wedding ceremony, complete with the exchange of rings. FFS X Files....FFS... *cries*

  • After years of searching desperately to find out what happened to his sister, this show finally gives Mulder the answers he has been searching for.