Safe as an island far off to sea I'd almost forgotten this side of me

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Ooo's That Girl?

The ladies of Adventure Time!


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  • "Unless you feel like a fist cookie you better keep running!"

    "Yeah, I'm good! Haven't slept for solid eighty-three hours, but yeah, I'm good."

  • "But Finn said I was a top-notch adventurer, and my adventurer's instincts are telling me to seduce that tentacled critter with my womanly charms and elephant prowess."

    "Yes, I'm getting a weird feeling in my stomach and I think it's 'cause of you, Mr. Wizard, you better fess up to what you are doing. I got no time for no body dancing around and acting the fool at my expense. I'm Tree Trunks and people know I'm kind, and honest, that's why people like me. [...] So stop sellin' fib-bibs and give it straight."

  • "Our world can occasionally fall into chaos, and we must flow along with it."

  • "Susan scared, but Susan brave, too! Susaaan!"

  • "What's wrong with you?! Don't ever mess with me again!"

  • "Are you joking? You are not even worth my Lady's disdain."

  • "Keeping all the babes to yourself, totally ice-blocking my game!"

  • "I got a hot potato! And I got two hot tomatoes! They'll make a good sauce, maybe! So I'll shake my bottle baby. I'll shake it and shake it and shake it and shake it and shake it all over the table, the table, for as long as I am able!"

  • "I think the reason I got all these guy friends and no boyfriend is because I don't really wanna date any of 'em. I don't need to feel like I'm waiting to be noticed. I know who I am and I'll know what I want if and when it ever comes along."

  • "Until I discover the cause of my death, my soul can't ascend to the 50th Dead World. But as a ghost, I have no memory of my mortal life... And no idea how I died."

  • "Oh, gross! Put me down! PUT ME DOWN!!!!"

  • "I should give you a kiss!"

    "Their message says, Baby... Us... Trouble... Time. Oh, they must be in grave danger! Hot dog knights are... slow."

  • "I know I mess things up sometimes, but I'm really trying! And you're supposed to be my friend! Not like the fake ones I have here!"

    "No way. First, I'm gonna fall in love with one of those little guys, then I'm gonna fall out of love. And then I'm gonna totally fake die, of a fake heart attack! Oh my heart! My heart hurts because I fell out of love! And now i have to die! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!"

  • "I'm not mean. I'm a thousand years old, and I just lost track of my moral code."

    "The only thing women love more than fun is excitement. She needs to feel her blood pump, man! She needs to... BE CHASED BY WOLVES!"

  • "Of course it looks bad! If I had beautiful shiny hair, no one would look at my muscles! Come back when you want to get serious about loving me!"

  • "Oh, it's nothing really. Someone's trying to kill me. [...] It's no big deal! Finish your pie..."

  • Alright, listen up! You kids better stop donking around and get up that ramp! You're gonna mess up Goliad! I'm Don Juan Cherry Temp—Cherry Tempo! It's my way or the highway, glob-dobbit!"

    "No, Princess. Bee cares not for flower. If getting pollen hurt or killed flower, bee would not care. Bee is stronger than flower. Goliad is stronger than bee. Goliad is stronger than all."

  • "The Ice King abducted me while I was distracted by the horrifying beauty of birth."

    "Don't worry, sir: I specialize in treating little tuxedo-people."

  • "Did I tell you that I like the opera? But if you don't, I hate it!"

  • "I'm not crying...My tear sac is broken"

  • "He's single. And he's ours. Now, get out of our way!"

  • "My nickname at the academy was Arsonist Princess"

  • "You wanted a ride to Makeout Point? You think I want to make out with you?! Well, maybe I do...wait. I HAVE A BOYFRIEND FINN!"