Fantasy Bands

Read an interview with the band here: EXCLUSIVE Interview With The Verti-GoGo's!!

Sometimes, you just have to do something daft to cheer yourself up, and it is in this spirit that I present to you my fictional all girl grunge band: The Verti-GoGo's!

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The band is made up exclusively of comic book girls with attitude.Yeah! Just looking at that picture picks me up!

The Lineup

Vocals: Tank Girl

Guitars: Nemi Montoya

Drums: Delirium of the Endless

I'm also planning a Siousxie and the Banshees-style goth band with Death and Scream Queen. It isn't much, but it passes the time, and the pictures are fun to make ^_^

What fantasy comic book band would you like to see?

(You can also listen to the band here: EXCLUSIVE New Verti-GoGo's Track)