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I was only thinking about the Shadow King.

Mojo would be premature.

Too many new concepts to bring on the table at this point.

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Don't be so surprised.

The CEO of Marvel, Perlmuter, has a total control over the comics and the TV shows, but has recently been cut from the movies. So expect to see Perlmuter pushing new characters in the comics.

X-Men and FF are out because of Fox.

Inhumans are pushed even more in the comics because the movie has been more or less cancelled and they are present in the TV.

I didn't look at the list of future Marvel publications but I'm sure you will see new series with characters that Perlmuter totally control like Jessica Jones and Iron Fist.

He is a very efficient CEO and he is going to emphasize the strength and originality of the product he control.

At the end, you will have a clear difference between the Heroes from the MCU controlled by Feige and Disney, and the rest of the Marvel universe controlled by Perlmuter.

I have no hope for FF and X-Men ands not only he doesn't control them, but even worst, he had to sell they right to another company when he was trying to save Marvel from bankruptcy.

Anyway, to be continued.