WS Planetary Team

If I was going to assemble a team of Wildstorm characters to defend or take over a planet, this would be it.

List items

  • The leader of the team of course. Who else could really be in charge of a team like this?

  • Second in command and an intelligent powerhouse.

  • Just a walking arsenal. War literally runs through his veins. He could be dropped directly into the area that puts up the most physical resistance.

  • The very cities of the planet are his to control.

  • He's able to psionically amp himself to Majestic's level to be a heavy hitter, but he'd probably be used more for his telepathy.

  • Aside from her versatility and fire power, her current condition (merged with the Carrier) provides a HQ for the team.

  • The team had brute force, tech, energy and psionics covered. Swift is the magic user.