Super Street

Usually considered street-level characters, but I think they're above that classification. Consider this my "People on Midnighter's Level/Could Beat Him in a Good Fight" list.

List items

  • His physical stats are nice but it's that combat computer that elevates him.

  • Precog and mad spider-gility take him over the top. (And don't forget the strength.)

  • Between the healing factor and the bones he's much harder to kill than any real street level character. He's probably on the lower end of the Super Street characters though.

  • If her skills weren't enough, her equipment takes her way over the edge.

  • His level of H2H is well beyond street. No powers necessary.

  • She just has so many different little things going for her. Seriously.

  • Spider-Man level stats and waaaaaayyyyyy too much fighting skill to be street.

  • His skills match his stats and everything is made better by the psychic powers.

  • Like Zealot, good stats and great skills. (And her rep is a weapon of its own.)

  • She can kill anything. That's her power, not just talk.

  • Kherubim stats and midnighter-like move reading, PLUS she can hulk out.

  • He's with Wolverine on the low end of this grouping, but still hanging in there.

  • He's street until you factor in his misdirection abilities which are vague and allow him to jump up to the next level.

  • His durability, strength and reach are awesome, but the Death Spores seal it.

  • Like Omega Red, the Pheromones take him from dangerous to Super Street. And those claws he has are no joke.

  • Couple thousands of years of honing his fighting skills then on top of that he has superhuman agility, psychic energy whips and the ability to turn to mist.

  • It's hard for me to measure magic. I'm more inclined to say gravel is above even Super Street, but I'm not entirely sure.