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Ruined Characters

Characters I don't like for whatever reason. Usually that reason is because they've been ruined for me by fanboys, but that's not always the case.

List items

  • Never particularly cared for Storm, but I never hated her until I met her fanboys.

  • Same thing happened with him that happened with Storm. Both are weather controlling "gods". Maybe there's a connection. I will say though, I think it's just 616 Thor that I don't find interesting. Ult Thor is a favorite of mine.

  • He's not really ruined (there are still times where he's written in such a way that I like him) but sometimes I don't like him. This one is blamed on Marvel.

  • I think I liked the Juggernaut at one point. What a shame.

  • My second favorite Superman-type. He's only a little ruined. (Fanboys)

  • Hudlin.

  • Look at the new costume. What the hell?

    Update: Redeemed in Initiative 18