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Original/Creative Ideas

Not always completely original concepts, but as close to that as I can get.

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  • Brass himself is not so original (though reading his series right after Singularity 7 transferred some style points since they shared tech that totally rebuilt the human body) but him being a working class guy at a time when most heroes were super rich, awesome or just "badasses" stands out. Also, in his second series the whole idea of how the world worked and what Brass actually was is where he gets the most creativity points.

  • He has obvious influences (the most apparent being Spider-Man) but there's no one like him.

  • A living idea of a sentient corporation.

  • Read it. Update: Tony Stark is a copycat.

  • With ChaCha, smart mobs, iphones and other things around today, this could be real. Update: Heroes For Hire is totally trying it.