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My Sinestro Corps

This was going to be my ideal Justice League (I was still going to start with Deathstroke), then I was going to make it my ideal Injustice league. But I figured they would probably work better as the New Sinestro Corps than just an Earth-based team.

List items

  • Brains with a weapon to match. Mock his 90% all you want, SC Deathstroke would be a monster.

  • With his head back on his shoulders, Dr. Light is something to fear. And already a light user, I'm sure he could get really creative with the abilities granted by the ring.

  • His goal may be to make heroes better, but that doesn't mean he doesn't create fear in the process. I don't know what spin he'd put on the ring, he might not even use it, but he'd have it. Best part is, he's already yellow.

  • Leader of the Corps, this should be obvious. I don't think there's anything I really need to say.

  • He was a SC member before, he'd join up again when this team gets made. Superman gone mad, what's more terrifying?

  • Starbreaker gets power from fear (as well as other negative emotions) and can absorb and control infinite amounts of energy from any source. He makes a perfect Sinestro Corps member.