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My Justice League

Buckshot's League

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  • Continuing Vril's trend of picking up less than the most morally upright SPBs is Crimson Avenger. It's hard to say exactly what her place on the team is since her tactics pretty much involve just outright killing the bad guy.

  • It's unclear why Vril recruited the Shade, and even more mysterious why he accepted the offer, but here we are.

  • This league travels so much and so far that they don't have a consistent Lantern. They temporarily draft a Lantern from whichever sector they're in for as long as they're there.

  • Finding himself stuck in the past yet again, Val has joined the Justice League proud to be a part of the team that inspired the Legion.

  • Recovered, reformed and recommended by Superman. Doesn't hurt that Martian Manhunter has taken a liking to her.

  • Leader of the team, Vril makes sure his League remembers the bigger picture. His league is not only for America, not even for Earth. His league's adventures regularly take them to other worlds and dimensions.

  • The youngest member of the team, but not lacking in experience or intelligence.

  • A mainstay of the Justice League, often called its heart. On top of that my favorite DC character, of course he made the cut.

  • Another Legion-related character. Why is he on the team? I don't remember.