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A team of detectives that spans comic universes. They only get together for the biggest or most unusual cases.

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  • Unbeknown to many, Banshee is a gifted detective and skilled undercover operative. When he got recruited to the Detectives he jumped at the chance. Oh, and don't worry about him being dead, that's just a ruse so he can play detective all over the omniverse (he'll be back someday). But for now he's a full-time dick, the only member to be searching out cases 24/7. He's the one that calls in the others for the real mysteries.

  • When the mysteries involve things not from this world, the Martian Manhunter is there to lend his knowledge. Also comes in handy for psychic interrogations, but Madrox always tells him that's not very sportsmanlike and takes the fun out of the detective work. He gets along very well with Fell for some odd reason.

  • Even with Terror on the team I think Fell is the creepiest detective here.

  • Usually Jack can figure stuff out just by having the area tell him what happened, but when working with the team on stranger cases he gets to exercise his natural skills.

  • The others don't really like Terror because of his smell, but when there is work to be done that involves body parts there's no one else to call. Terror secretly wants to take Batman's left leg. With all the great minds on the team it's a wonder that no one has realized this yet, or figured out why...

  • Probably the worst detective of the bunch, but I can't exclude him.

  • Elijah is too cool for school (pun not intended). I imagine he runs the team but lets Batman think he's in charge.

  • Wasn't sure I wanted to include Batman, but as long as he behaves and doesn't try to steal the spotlight then everything will be ok. If he starts acting out then Elijah or Jack will put him in his place. To balance it, when Batman is with the others he realizes how goofy it is to be the only person in a skintight spandex costume (even Banshee has a change of clothes) and it secretly eats away at him. He often considers wearing a suit for the group's meetings but doesn't want to be seen as a copy cat. He also realizes that Elijah Snow will always look better than him no matter what he wears so he sticks with what he does best.

  • Combat magician Gravel is an accomplished occult detective so he helps the team with magical mysteries. Also with killing things.