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10 Favorite Villains

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  • He's running the world into the ground for no other reason than to watch people try to cling to order as they die in chaos. He's evil because he thinks it's fun.

  • Mega-evil. All bloody hail.

  • Just because you've got your own sense of honor doesn't mean you're not evil.

  • Quoting Zoom(the user) here: "This is the guy who put the Flash's wife in the hospital, killed his unborn children, held him down and told him that he was going to have a boy and a girl but that they are now both dead, then took him back in time and made him watch it over and over and over and over. This is the guy who told off Wonder Woman and Green Lantern while beating the shit out of the entire Justice League. This is the guy who was willing to kill every amazon on paradise island to prove a point to Wonder Woman."

  • Rapist, mass murderer, kid killer, and genius. Probably the evilest guy to use light as a weapon.