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First: Dezmond

Last: Unknown

Bounty Hunter.

Successful Scientist/ Weapon Designer

Tech Suit: Flight Boots, Right Wrist Flamethrower/Ice Blast, Right Forearm Retractable Vibranium Wrist Shield (Similar to Captain America's) ,Left Forearm Retractable Plasma Blade, Retractable Right Shoulder Plasma Missile-Launcher, Finger Bombs, , Suppressed Mach 20 Flight, Max Running Speed 80mph, Superhuman Agility, Class 100+ Strength, Heightened senses, Infrared Vision, Night Vision, Sonar, 360 Vision (Voluntary), Height 6'8, Cloaking Invisibility, Forcefield, Eject Button (Safety First), Right Shoulder Plasma Gatling Gun, Weight 440lbs, Superior Durability, Repulsor Blasts, Sonic Generators, Anti-Metal Claws, Computer, Radio, Cell Phone, Finger Laser Beam, Electrocuting Net, Voice Changer, Camouflage to any environment, Left Plasma Knuckle Shotgun, Camera, Adamantium Alloy Suit, Solar Panels, Suit Filtration System. Internal Oxygen Tanks, Optic Blast, Electric Gloves (On/Off), Project 3D Holograms, Suit Repairs Moderately After Taking Damage, Medical Supplies, Energy/Life Inlets (Located on palms. Drains energy/Life to make suit more powerful, stealing it from the host who is touched by them. Absorbs any type of energy/life. Kinda like Android 19's from DBZ. Voluntary), Flame Retardant Suit, Thermal Detonators.

Out Of Suit: All Styles Of Martial Arts, Boxing, Wrestling, Peak Human, Genius Level Intellect, 2 Plasma Pistols, Plasma Dagger, Plasma Throwing Knives, Smoke Bombs, Flash Bombs, Sticky Grenades, Knockout Gas, 230 lbs, Height 6'2, Anti-Metal Gloves, Electrocuting Net, Light Adamantium Alloy Armor (Not Covering Face), Adhesive to any surface Vibranium Boots & Gloves, Silent Landing, Grappling Hook, Stealth, Thermal Detonators.