UPDATE - Vitrix Fitness Model Contest

  So apparently whoever is running the Vitrix Model Team contest doesn't know WTF they're are doing. They have cleared all the votes TWICE cause apparently there was "cheating" going on and were trying to blame the contestants. Anyways they claim they have "fixed" the problem & won't be anymore of clearing the votes again. So let's hope that's true. So please don't give up on my friend Mand i Brooks on winning this contest. We REALLY need your votes to win this bad boy. Thank You ALL So Much :D http://www.vitrixmodelteam.com/         And just so you know she's a HUGE Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Wolverine,Superman and Batman fan : no joke . So she's a fellow geek like me and you. :D Ha Ha -  And these pics are not photoshopped except for maybe 2.














Once again thank you guys and gals XD