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One and Only WildCATS! (New 52)

A spin-off from my Milestone/Wildstorm Integration Project list. I apologize if I have too many lists but they are either a) dedicated to a singular area like Kree for ease or b) my thoughts on what to have on a series. This one will be about the WildC.A.T.S. being integrated in the New 52 if I was a DC writer which is only wishful thinking on my part. But anyway, this is what I would try to work on with Jim Lee if he was willing. So, here goes....

The creation of the team would happen only after a two-part cross-over event. The first one will deal with the Daemonite attempt to conquer Earth. As shown in the New 52, the Daemonites are facing an evolutionary crisis and feel that Earth is destined by prophecy to be their new home. So, the Daemonites during the cross-over finally show themselves to the world with Helspont taking charge to make it the new capital of his empire as he seeks to re-assert his rule over his people. Things to discover is the Daemonites attempting to cultivate the Metagene for their needs leading to 'seedlings' being present around the world with an 'activator' designed to awaken their abilities. This conflict would culminate in a final battle where the Daemonites would be defeated with Helspont being knocked out by Superman and his forces deciding to purge the planet with their battleship. But they are stopped by the Kherubim who bring in a large force that eliminate the orbital Daemonite forces and claim to be allies coming to protect Earth with Majestros taking Helspont into custody as a war criminal.

And then we begin with part 2 of the cross-over as the seemingly nice Kherubim have their own designs for Earth and its populace. They intend to force their way into power as they are also interested in mankind's genetic potential. Internal strife within the Kherubim lead to the various factions trying to one-up each other with some thinking of plunging their imperium into a civil war with Earth as their capital. Initially, there is a tense peace until the Kherubim eventually become overt in their approach with this being similar to the DCAU's Thanagarian plotline. At the height, the heroes and humanity join together to fight off the Kherubim with some of their kind turning against their own people as they see the corruption in their society. These will be led by Lord Emp and the conflict ends with Superman attempting to convince Majestros that his peoples actions are wrong. However, Majestros's loyalty to his people is too strong and decides to attack. Its only during this battle that Helspont his freed from imprisonment and helps defeat Majestros before escaping. With their defeat, the Green Lantern Corps arrive in force forcing a peaceful withdrawal by the Kherubim except for those that decide to stay behind on Earth.

Now we have the basis for the WildC.A.T.S. who would be Kherubim or hybrids that decide to follow Lord Emp. Earth is now demonstrating a xenophobic streak with many hating what the Kherans had done to them. However, some recognition is given by Earth's heroes to Emp who uses his advanced tech to create a fortune and founds the Halo Corporation to help better mankind to atone for his peoples actions and provide a haven for his kind. The WildC.A.T.S. would be outcasts working for the greater good in a world that somewhat hates them thus distinguishing them from other superhero teams. The basis would similar to that of the X-Men but its not Mutants but rather aliens in the equation.

So, the book would primarily be about the WildC.A.T.S. but the back-up would follow the adventures of Majestros in space.

List items

  • Using advanced technology, Lord Emp would create a fortune and founds the Halo Corporation. Its purpose is to atone for the damage done by the Kherubim occupation of Earth and provide a safe haven for other Kherans or hybrids.

  • A High Lord of the Kheran Pantheon who accompanies the expedition to Earth to secure it. He believed in the ideals of his people but when he sees the actions the Kherubim do to Earth he begins to see corruption in his society leading to him eventually rebelling against them. He would take the name of Jacob Marlowe and try to atone for his peoples actions when he is effectively exiled to Earth for betraying his kind.

  • A supporting character. She would be Jacob Marlowe's human assistant and receptionist

  • Ceritak's people would be one of the races incorporated into the Kherubim as a servitor people thus relegated to second-class citizens. They would serve as laborers, servants and soldiers for the Imperium. Scorn would be the faithful aid/butler to Lord Emp and would join him in exile on Earth after the failed Kherubim invasion.

  • Child genius who works in the R&D department in incorporating Kheran tech with human technology.

  • The team formed by Lord Emp as Halo Corporation's field team consisting of top agents.

  • She would not be with the invasion forces but rather an Errant Sister who left Khera to journey through space to right wrongs as dictated by the Coda. She had traveled to Earth before and joins Lord Emp in fighting her own people whereupon she joins he WildC.A.T.S.

  • Warblade's ancestor would have been a Shaper Nightblade warrior who arrived on Earth who mated with a Human woman

  • Debating whether she should be Zealot sister or daughter. Regardless, she would not be happy with Kheran high society and wanted adventure leading her to Earth where she liked the planet thus staying behind.

  • Similar to old continuity, his ancestor would have been a Titanothrope engineer that crashed on Earth and mated with a human woman.

  • We saw her origin in Team 7 but she would join the team after Grifter asks for her as she herself is ostracized for being a cyborg.

  • He joins the team after helping fight the Daemonite invasion.

  • Voodoo having no place among humanity feels that Grifter and the WildC.A.T.S. are the only home for her.

  • Void would be a Void-Pattern Supra-Intelligence that are Kherubim supercomputers installed on their Fortress Ships where they manage ship functions. They are formed from an energy matrix and could teleport. She gets saved by Emp and installed in Halo Corporation as C&C as well as the teleporter for the WildC.A.T.S.

  • A law firm hired by Halo Corporation to help represent them.

  • A top lawyer. His Metahuman power would be activated by Kherubim Shapers who seek to harness the Metagene for their needs. Josiah gets tortured until he is rescued by superheroes. Afterwards, he has a hatred for Kherans but Emp hires him to be Halo's lawyer in order to atone for his people's crimes.

  • Accountant working for the Power Company and Halo Corporation.

  • Homeworld of the Titanothropes that was colonized by the Kherubim as their new capital thus turning the natives into second class citizens for the ruling Kherans.

  • One of the great superpowers in the universe.

    Within the Pantheon, they bred special members of their kind with Superman level abilities with these being the Warlords. Warlords are the prime military wing of a Kheran House and lead armies with each being a planet buster by their lonesome. The loss of a Warlord is devastating to a Kheran House who can lose prestige and power as a result which is why they are a prized force.

  • Among the Kherubim, one class bred are the Warlords who are the strongest of their race with Majestros being one of them. He becomes divided between duty and doing the right thing but ultimately chooses duty. After the Kheran defeat, he returns to the Kherubim with the back-up in the book covering his adventures in space.

  • Lady Charis of the Adrastea would be the lover of Majestros but he could not marry her due to her bloodline.

  • A High Lord with entropic powers and a peer of Lord Emp. He advocates the control of Earth in order to harness its population for the benefit of the Imperium.

  • Daughter to Lord Entropy, she would not be as cruel or stone hearted as him. After learning of her father's plans, she would secretly relay info to the resistance forces on Earth.

  • A Warlord similar to Majestros who seeks to bring about his House's ascendancy to power over Majestic's. As such, he seeks any weapon to accomplish that.

  • Lover to Imperator. She is an Empireth which are the highest class of the Adrastea and the most powerful. Among the Kherans, Empireth's serve as concubine's but never afford full rights as wives.

  • A famous Warlord who was sent on a mission against the Daemonites and never returned.

  • Kherubim Warlord who leads the military unit known as the Knights of Khera. The most bloodthirsty of all the Knightly Orders of the Kherubim.

  • A Kheran senator only interested in political power and increasing his own status. He aligns himself with Lord Entropy to add Earth to the Kherubim Imperium. Promethos is decadent and corrupt representing the worst traits of his people.

  • A Kherubim despondent over the corruption in Kheran society and seeks to change it. Part of an underground movement that seeks to change his people and bring greater right to the second class citizens like Scorn's race and the Titanothropes.

  • A brutal warrior of the Brotherhood of the Blade who seeks to supplant the Coda. He has turned his fighting skills to the political arena and secretly seeks to usurp leadership of the Kherubim.

  • A noble's son whose House was disgraced and he felt to Earth where he mated with a human woman and had a hybrid child in Jet. He is a semi-ally of the WildC.A.T.S.

  • Daughter of Backlash who inherits some Kherubim enhanced abilities such as faster reflexes.

  • Knight that served Backlash's father until their House was disgraced. Seeks to continue his duty to protect Backlash himself.

  • Warrior sisterhood who are the political opposites of the Pantheon. They are bloodthirsty and seek only war. Some sisters became Sister Errants that travel the cosmos to fight evil and purge them.

  • Elite Coda warriors using power armor and other gadgets.

  • Political savvy member of the Coda.

  • Comrade of Zealot and secretly helps her.

  • Mechanized warriors with the mind of a Kheran uploaded into them. They are the prime military muscle of the Kherubim who deploy legions of them in wartime. Warrior ships hold hundreds into alcoves that are deployed in space or in planets. When badly damaged, the mind is uploaded to a new body.

  • Scientists of the Kherubim who are privy to many secrets. They lead the scientific experiments on humans for the Metagene after being intrigued by it when they learnt of the Daemonite's own experiments. Most prove to be cruel and sadistic on Earth with their leader seeking to turn Earth into the homeworld for the Shapers as they bring civil war among the Kherubim.

  • Master Motile of the Shaper's Guild who was an old friend of Majestros. However, he is ultimately concerned with securing the powerbase for the Shapers and taking control of Kheran society.

  • Original inhabitants of Khera who were turned into second class citizens alongside Ceritak's race. The Titan Liberation Movement operates as an extremist group that wants to remove the Kherubim from Khera.

  • On the First Khera, the progenitors of the Kherubim dispatched the Planet Shaper's from their dead world to seed new planets. One landed on Khera and made the current Kherubim. Another landed on Daemon and attempted to turn the Daemonites into a servitor race until the Daemonites rebelled and destroyed it. A corrupted engine landed on the Hive with its gene-cache of Kherubim being turned into the D'rahn.

  • Extradimensional power source tapped by the Kherubim and used by their technology.

  • Criminal empire led by Helspont who wants to become the supreme ruler of the Daemonites and the cosmos. It consists of his closest lieutenants on Earth.

  • Human collaborator that has allied with the Daemonites.

  • Half-Kheran mercenary who has no love for his parent race and allies with Helspont.

  • Her Sym-Beasts would be Daemonite creations and placed on human hosts that serve them.

  • Human mercenary group that is occasionally hired by the Cabal.

  • Cyborg leader of the Troika.

  • Political rival of Helspont and a fellow Lord of Helle of Daemon. He seeks to corrupt others to his cause and masterminded the creation of the Hybrids on Earth. Also wants supreme control of the Daemonites and will seek to block Helspont's attempt.

  • Wife to Defile.

  • Religious leader of the Daemonites who is a fanatic that claims Earth to be the salvation to their kind.

  • Clone of Voodoo and subject to Daemonite prophecy. She believes wholly in the survival of the Daemonites.

  • Powerful Hybrid operating on Earth who wants the Hybrids to gain greater power in the Daemonite empire with himself as a ruler.

  • Hybrid who serves Helspont as an infiltrator in the US government.

  • I would make him a special Hybrids as the majority of them were made for the purpose of infiltration whilst Monstrosity was kind of a 'combat model' of Hybrid.

  • Enhanciles formed from humans to create powerful husk warriors with super strength and deployed en mass in battles.

  • Bred from the Kheran Warlord known as the High. These unstable clones are launched as living bombs against their enemies.

  • Unlike the Kherubim, the Daemonites have learnt of the Bleed and can travel through it affording them a greater advantage compared to their foes.

  • One of the empires that border the Kherubim. The Reach are a devious foe for them who engage in black ops and subversion campaigns.

  • Homeworld to the Reach.

  • Greatest weapon that can challenge Kheran Spartan Guard.

  • Manufacturing world for the Scarabs.

  • Ambassador type Reach.

  • Command drone construct that serves the Negotiator.

  • Kherubim whose Planet Shaper landed on the Hive and became corrupted with its gene-cache being forever altered turning those Kheran into the D'rahn. On one frontier, the Kherubim are engaged in an endless warfare against them.

  • One of the greatest warriors of the D'rahn who is on par with Majestros.

  • Neighboring empire that the Kherubim use as a buffer between them and the Reach.

  • Ruler of the Tenebrian Dominion.

  • Another neighboring power who is more peaceful.

  • D'aamsi officers of the Cooperative wear this kind of armor.

  • Perhaps a member race of the Cooperative?

  • Powerful extradimensional alien entities that devastated the Daemonite home galaxy and remain a threat to Milky Way.

  • The Order of Vulcan is a xenophobic anti-alien organization formed from around Roman times when the Daemonites created a pyrokinetic metavirus in a test subject. The test subject would spread it to others who learnt of the threat of aliens in the world. The Order believes they are righteous and secretly wage a war against all aliens with their chief warriors being the fire wielders.

  • Alien starship shifted into the Still Zone and serves as one of the headquarters of the Order.

  • Computer intelligence running the Forge.

  • Leader of the Order of Vulcan.

  • A member of the Order who's powers manifest after the Kherubim's defeat.

  • Human information broker who is on no one's side but sells information to the highest bidder.