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nuEarth-2 Re-imagination Project

List of characters I would like to see on the New 52's Earth-2. Please note, the comments below are what possible ways those 'wonders' could get introduced.

My suggestion for DC would be to make three books for the Earth-2 family:

1) Earth 2 being the weekly series that is world building with E-2 Batman, Mister Terrific, Aquawoman, Red Tornado, Val and Accountable.

2) Justice Society being the main Wonders of Earth-2 so Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, Dr Fate, Flash, Atom, Sandman and Red Arrow with Major Sato being the liaison to the World Army

3) Infinity Inc being 6-7 superheroes from the future being the Legion of Super-Heroes of that Earth where they travel back in time to stop a big cataclysm from coming to pass.

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