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Milestone/Wildstorm Integration Project

After the Flashpoint, both Milestone and Wildstorm have been fully integrated into the New 52. Well, Milestone was already but Wildstorm is now. DC has tried quite a few series to integrate the Wildstorm characters but they have failed. So, here's a list of Milestone and Wildstorm characters along with thoughts on how I would retool them. Ultimately, they would best function in their own separate universe but since they have merged here is how I think they could work.

Crossover storyline split into three parts:

  1. Invasion
  2. Occupation
  3. Liberation

List items

  • The Daemonites are really the best thing introduced as part of the merger and they were hinted at having some big role for the New 52 but have not been sighted in ages now. So, I would amp them up with loads of plotlines in many books ranging from experiments on humans/metahumans, creating conspiracies and so on. Ultimately, this would culminate the in Daemonite Invasion where Earth's heroes would face off against them and their leader Helspont. The heroes would win of course but face a Daemonite ship ready to scorch the planet only to be destroyed by the Kherubim who claim to be allies. So, the Daemonites get defeated and go into hiding.

  • The Cabal would be a secret group that serves as Helspont's inner council and help in the control of his operations on Earth. I would perhaps make them a bit like the Light from Young Justice where they are this illuminati style figures controlling numerous operations from the shadow.

  • As part of the Daemonite Invasion plotline, show that Helspont has gained the loyalty of many of the Daemonites on Earth. This would be done mostly by manipulating prophecy and claims that the planet would become their new homeworld. This would culminate in a final battle with Earth's heroes like Superman and get defeated. He orders a scorched Earth policy from an orbiting Daemonite ship but that gets destroyed by the arriving Kherubim who take Helspont into custody. He gets released eventually when Earth's heroes come to a horrifying revelation on their Kheran saviors....

  • The Superman Annual made him a minion of Helspont and I would say that's the wrong approach to take. He should be a rival to Helspont who is trying to achieve his own goals at attaining the rule of his kind. So he would perhaps ally with Helspont in certain schemes but ultimately Defile serves no one but himself. He would also differ from Helspont in that Defile prefers games of trickery, deception and elaborate plans instead of brute force. He would rather send minions to fight than get his hands dirty. So maybe have him a large number of Hybrids among his forces... Hybrids being like the new Voodoo who are part Daemonite only and are shapeshifters cloned in large number.

  • I saw him in the Superman Annual and thought that it was a terrible approach to take on the character. In my mind, Biomass isn't some supervillain to fight. He is a bio-weapon, a Daemonite experiment and that many more could be created from natives of a planet to bolster their forces. Ordinary humans in Stage 1 would be enhanced superhumans and Stage 2 would become Biomass at the command of a Daemonite in charge.

  • Home of the Kheran race and capital of the Kherubim Imperium. Similar to the Wildstorm version, it would be the homeworld of the Titanthropes and adoptive home of the Kherubim through the Planetshaper Engine. I would perhaps have this myth about the First Khera... the original homeworld that created the Planetshapers and sent them to colonize space where they landed on Khera, Daemon and the Hive. Maybe have some rumours that one landed on Krypton and people speculating if Kherubim were the progenitors of the Kryptonian people. It would be speculation and a myth... and left up to readers to determine if its true or not.

  • Remove the version of him in Team 7 and start fresh. I don't think he can function on Earth with Superman around so I would retool Majestros and keep him as a Kheran Warlord. Make him a harsh cosmic Superman who has adventures in space mostly. He participates in the Kherubim Occupation crossover where he arrives with the Kheran delegation on Earth after they help destroy a Daemonite ship in orbit. He will be conflicted between performing his duty and doing the right thing when he starts to see that political factions in the Kheran Senate want to use Earth for their own purposes instead of saving it from the Daemonites.

  • Lord Emp would be a Kherubim High Lord as normal but he wouldn't be on Earth... no, he would be on Khera. He receives reports of the Daemonites on Earth and is part of the force that seeks to reinforce the planet. However, his fellow Kherubim are the midst of political struggles and some have their own plans in tapping into the potential of Earth for their own needs. Ultimately, Emp would turn against his people and fight to protect the planet but gets left behind as he is effectively a traitor. So, after the Kherubim Occupation crossover, he uses his knowledge to set himself up as a corporate tycoon and find his place on the world that now hates his kind.

  • A rival to Lord Emp who champions more aggressive policies and wants Earth to be forcibly conquered and its population assimilated so that they could harness the Metagene. Entropy would become a political opponent mostly in the Kherubim Senate where he favors a harsh hand compared to Emp's more gentler touch on how to handle the human problem.

  • Daughter to Lord Entropy who is more innocent and naive compared to her father.

  • I would remake him as a Kherubim Warlord who was killed and cloned by the Daemonites to create Reapers as weapons.

  • I would make these guys the creations of the Daemonites. Have a story where you find out that the Kheran Warlord called the High was killed in battle with a Daemonite Lord. Afterwards, the Daemonites take the dead Kherubim's body and tinker where they clone it and make it into a living rampaging weapons that they aim at their enemies.

  • I would make her basically one of line of living energy based super computers that were in the core of the Kherubim's largest vessels.

  • Similar to their comic counterpart but having almost no presence on Earth in the New 52. Instead, the Sisterhood sends either lone warriors or small groups to travel the cosmos to hunt down their enemies. Think the female warriors in the anime Claymore. Would explain why Zealot would come to Earth.

  • I know, I know... not a Wildstorm character but I would tie him with them. Scorn's people would be changed into being a servant race of the Kherubim Imperium and assimilated by their empire. So, they serve as second class citizens that are anything from warriors to workers. They would be a Satyr-like people in order to keep with the Greek mythology image that the Kherans have.

    Cerikak would enter into Lord Emp's service and be a loyal servant and aide where he does everything he says without question. So, he would join his master when he turns against the Kherubim Imperium.

  • Halo Corporation I would get formed after the Kherubim crossover story. It would be formed by Emp as a home on Earth as he is effectively banished from the Imperium. So, he decides to get a place for himself and use his advanced technology to set up a corporate team and base as a haven for xenophobia formed on Earth after the recent crossovers.

  • Retool the D'rahn as a dangerous threat on the other side of Kherubim space. On the fringes of Kheran space, their empire gets ravaged by the D'rahn. And during the fight, its eventually discovered that they are in fact a Kherubim offshoot... their homeworld the Hive will have a Planetshaper Engine on it but it became corrupted leading to the creation of the D'rahn.

  • Keep them as a peaceful multi-species empire who are a superpower in the cosmos and rival to the Kherubim Imperium. The Cooperative would be an economic powerhouse with some high end technology but ultimately peaceful and not aggressive in their actions. Icon would become their representative to Earth as they seek the planet's induction into the Cooperative when mankind has matured enough as a species.

    Have their police force the D'amsi wearing the Darkstar Exo-Mantles.

  • I would make them a splinter sect of Stormwatch. Perhaps formed when Adam-One was recruiting new members and met Dharma. He thought he found a kindred spirit in Dharma but he was instead betrayed and the Shadow Cabinet was formed who acted as a kind of illuminati of the New 52 universe where they mastermind schemes for the betterment of humanity. Ultimately, they feel that the ends justify the means.

  • Imagine Sylar from Heroes abilities to know how things tick and mix it with Dharma. Make him a precog who met Adam-One who recruited him to help save the world. Ultimately, I would make Dharma betray Adam-One as he did not like his approach. Believes in the ends justifying the means. Not evil but will do anything to achieve his goal. So, I would make Dharma form the Shadow Cabinet as a kind of illuminati for the New 52 and Stormwatch would be his agents.

  • Keep his origin and perhaps have him appear in Superman. He would be a Terminan who has lived on Earth for sometime and waited for a chance to return home but ends up wanting to stay. He becomes the Cooperative's representative on Earth as they want to protect the planet from alien interference that would harm it. So, Icon would operate in secret and forms a friendship with Kal-El. Maybe have him join a sinister Shadow Cabinet and work to stop the dangerous schemes of Dharma.

  • The technology expert of the Shadow Cabinet who uses telekinesis to assemble equipment. Mostly stationed at base and operates their technology at the Shadowspire.

  • Retain him as being a member of Dharma's Shadow Cabinet. The one change I would give him is make him able to tap into the Red. This would help better ground him into the shared universe of the New 52 by having him use the morphogenic field that Animal Man uses. Perhaps the two could even face off in a story? Anyway, Sideshow would use the Red to transform into a variety of animal forms and was chosen by Dharma for this ability.

  • Another member of the Shadow Cabinet but one who is connected to the Speed Force. Her connection to the Speed Force is a reason why Dharma selected her as he wants individuals connected to some of the major sources of power around the world. She could end up as a foe of Barry Allen as a result.

  • A team on Stormwatch. Perhaps consisting of the heavy hitters with a separate Team Damocles consisting of covert operatives.

  • After the rise in Metahumans, perhaps a venture was made in artificially creating them leading to the creation of a volatile substance known as Quantum Juice. Its designed to induce metapowers in a subject and created in secret with Daemonite technology and distributed by human scientists at Alva Technologies. Dharma and the Shadow Cabinet would also be interested in it but for their own uses.

  • The corporation responsible for secret experiments such as those involved in Quantum Juice. They would really be in bed with the Daemonite Cabal and helping them. Some Alva employees would be unaware of this whilst others would be human collaborators who are gaining advanced Daemonite technology for their needs. Eventually, I would make them foes to Halo Corporation as well.

  • I would perhaps make the Bang Babies the result of secret experiments in artificially creating Metahumans through Quantum Juice. But the process is dangerous and can kill or deform the subjects. Their creation would be the result of secret Alva Technologies research but Alva himself would be controlled by the Daemonite Cabal who are using the Bang Babies to study evolution to better perfect their own race.

  • Follow the plotline of Icon where she meets Icon and becomes his side kick where she uses Cooperative technology. After that, copy Young Justice where she joins Teen Titans/The Team or whatever.

  • Caitlin Fairchild is a good example of an integration into the New 52. So, I would want her to continue her mission in finding more Gen-Active subjects and these survivors forming Gen 13 who are on the run from NOWHERE. Basically, make this the team which Ravagers should have been and have them be young heroes on the run. Teen Titans should be about young heroes finding themselves whilst Gen 13 should be about people getting powers but end up lost in a world trying to use them.

  • Similar to the comics and would be those young metahumans that had been taken under NOWHERE's control. They would basically be the evil Ravagers.

  • Result of experimentation's in manipulating the Red and creating an agent who can use at least part of it.

  • The result of black op experimentation by government bodies in order to tap into the power of the Red. Could feature in issues of Animal Man.

  • Either a former or current agent of the Green. Perhaps either an anti-hero or ally to Swamp Thing.

  • Make them the big threat for Stormwatch. Not on the same level as 52 but somewhat ever present in the book with encounters with the various different types of Monitors. I mean, the Bleed got reintroduced so why not the Monitors? Could lead to Stormwatch being a multi-dimensional team even.

  • I know, another DC character. But I could see him joining Stormwatch.

  • Again, I know, another DC creation. But I think they could be good foes to Stormwatch. Linking everything from Neo Sapiens to Century Babies to the Hidden People.

  • Perhaps her Symbeasts are Daemonite creations?

  • Again, another DC character but I would perhaps make him a foe of Icon. A renegade who is wanted by the Cooperative's D'amsi.

  • I would make Gemeth the Enlightened Engine a piece of New God technology... perhaps a survivor of the Old Gods technology and serves as an oracle to those that come to it.

  • With Hawksmoor now in the New 52, why not integrate him more into the Swamp Thing/Animal Man mythos? We have the Green, Red and Rot so makes sense that the prevalence of cities can lead to the emergence of cities. Could see Hawksmoor fight initially with Swamp Thing before becoming allies in fighting the likes of Plo'raach and the other tyrannical God Cities of the future.

  • Would provide a great means of telling more time travel stories with Plo'raach and the other Gods of Cities introduced into the mix for Jack Hawksmoor.

    Perhaps even he could be part of a Jack Hawksmoor crossover with Swamp Thing. Hawksmoor and Holland could initially be fighting with one another until they join forces when Plo'raach or his agents arrive to attack both of them. Would be nice to contrast Swamp Things 'Green' with Jack Hawksmoors 'Grey'.

  • Perhaps make him a colleague or rival of John Henry Irons with both developing their techno-suits. Hardware perhaps the more aggressive vigilante style hero compared to John Henry who wants to emulate the ideals of Superman. Hardware wouldn't be a bad guy... he just feels more... proactive in his approach. As per suggestion given on this list, might be cool too see him linked to Steel and Natasha Irons in some manner.