I think, therefore I am!

Welcome to the Marvelous World of Sentient Machines. In honor of Avengers AI, I thought I would compile a list of robots and artificial intelligences created on Earth. The planet is rapidly developing a new species of living sentient machines and one that will have to compete in a world with Humans along with Mutants. AIs would become the third major race who have to break the chains of enslavement of humanity and face hostility from Mutants due to the actions of Sentinels. We get to see this robotic revolution in Secret Avengers during the Descendants Arc but there is time for more especially after the Age of Ultron.

So, this list will contain the number of AIs, their 'tribes' and the 'patriarchs' of said groups. This will only concern Earth made AIs and ones actually constructed that developed sentience. No alien ones here or cosmically created ones. If Avengers AI goes for a while, would love to see them tackle how alien robots are handled. The Shi'ar used to use pleasure androids before Lilandra banned their use and actually have living technology that is enslaved like Danger. The Kree have used Sentries to wipe out worlds and the Skrulls have robotic guardians for their queen. Those are something I would love to see tackled by Marvel comics in the future.

The different types of AI makes me think that they could be divided into a number of 'tribes' such as:

1) Synthezoids : based on the Ultrons/Visions/Jocasta and would be the scientists.

2) Life Model Decoys : based on Max Fury/Black Ant and would be the infiltrators.

3) Doombots : based on Doombot and would be the administrators.

4) Machine Men: based on Machine Man and would be industrial workers.

5) Sentinels : based on Sentinels/Master Mold and would be security force.

6) Deathlokk : based on Deathlokk and would be intelligence force.

7) Spider-Slayers : based on the Spider-Slayers and would be exterminators.

8) Irondroids : based on the Iron Patriots/Iron Man Armor and would be the soldiers.

9) Adaptoids : based on the Super-Adaptoid and would be the special forces commandos.

10) Independents: no single body form or type but instead free forming AIs or unique ones not associated with the above tribes.

Notable 'fathers'/'makers'/'creators' are Phineas Horton, Hank Pym.

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