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Don't call me Superboy! I'm the Metropolis Kid!

How I would tackle Superboy and reset the character with a fresh better start.

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  • Say he is the third clone of Superboy. With Harvest defeated and Jon Lane Kent gone, a new clone was created by this one was created with DNA from Superman and Lex Luthor. Once grown, he knows of his predecessors and feels guilty for being a weapon and tries to live by Superman's example.

  • Change the name to Sharif and give him that look from that abandoned storyline that was meant to be in Grounded prior to the reboot.

    A Quraci psionic who was saved by Superman once and wants to become a superhero himself. However, distrusted by people because of his race.

  • A young New God who accompanied Orion and Wonder Woman to Earth. Whilst there, he participates in saving civilians from a disaster leading to the media calling him Wonder Boy in the thought that he was her sidekick. He hates the name though. Stays on Earth to track down Fourth World technology and secure it before it harms anyone. Not a warrior but more a scientist who uses New God tech in battle.

  • Daughter of Mxyzptlk and his wife. She heard stories of Superman and came to the 3rd Dimension to see the life of heroes. Likes Jimmy Olsen. Has reality manipulation powers but they are not as great as her parents. These simulated magic like effects and eventually she becomes an ally for Superboy.

  • Former classmate of Clark Kent before she left Smallville for Metropolis. Whilst there, she founded her blog and went into journalism for strange news stories. Chloe would become infected with Brainiac nanites that enhanced her intelligence and gave her technopathic powers making her an 'Oracle'-like information broker for Superboy.

  • New Genisphere belonging to Wonder Boy.

  • Think Lana Lang of Smallville. Might need to rethink her family tree since John's said Lex's sister died during their childhood... mind you, its comics so she could come back.

  • Think Lex Luthor of Smallville. He would be both Conner's best friend and deadliest enemy in the future.

  • Borrowing from Smallville here but I think she or her father founded the Veritas Society that believed contact with alien life was inevitable with them preparing for that occasion. Despite her friendly nature to Superman, she sees aliens partially more as an object of study.

  • Make him again Lana's uncle but he have him holding ties with Cadmus though he left them but continues experiments in his estate in Smallville where he becomes part of Conner's supporting cast.

    I would also make him a member of the Veritas Society with him believing in peaceful co-existence with aliens.

  • Another member of the Veriatas Society who believes in alien contact but sees them potentially as more of a threat and wants a more aggressive approach in case that happens.

  • She would be a trickster who ultimately embarks in her crimes more out of a need to alleviate boredom. Uses loads of tech gadgets designed by herself to achieve her goals. Becomes part of the Superboy Revenge Squad.

  • Former student at Smallville who was in a lower grade than Clark Kent and had a crush on him. She finds a book that is actually the prison of a 5th Dimenional Imp Gazook who is a criminal and turns Loretta into a criminal called the Yellow Peri. She becomes a foe of Superboy but a redeemable one as she is goaded more by Gazook and others into criminal acts. Becomes part of the Superboy Revenge Squad.

  • Superboy's older clone brother grown from pure Kryptonian DNA but has made him unstable. He lacks telekinetic powers but makes up for it in strength, flight, heat vision and more Superman level traits but is a berserker. Becomes part of the Superboy Revenge Squad.

  • Their technology was stolen by NOWHERE who used it to create Superboy.

  • Top psionic covert operative for Cadmus.

  • Re-imagined into a genetically engineered perfected super-agent for Cadmus. Basically engineered with DNA from Aurakles and made to have the best traits. Superstrength, invulnerability, hyper-intelligence and a wishing ring that can manipulate reality on a limited scale.

  • Cloning

  • Mental augmentations

  • Hybridization

  • Genetic engineering new lifeforms

  • Enemy to Dubbilex.

  • Anti-Kryptonian weapon bred by a part of Cadmus for the military.