Celestial Majesty

Everything related to the Celestials.

List items

  • An abstract entity that is served by the Celestials.

  • Agents of evolution and space gods.

  • A construct made of the Celestial's own armor that are sent for missions.

  • A vessel created by the Celestials to serve as a data collection tool and used by some of their servitors.

  • A device used to seed life on entire planets and even bring people back from the dead.

  • A device used to empower the Celestial's servitors to become an agent of evolution.

  • Data collection device that was able to warp occupants and evolve them.

  • Also called Gatherers that are artificial constructs that could evolve or devolve beings and used to gather genetic material for their masters.

  • Bacteria germ based creatures created to serve Arishem to serve as in cleansing planets of failed experiments.

  • Engineered beings created to be the peak of superhuman power with immortality and energy controlling capabilities.

  • The polar opposites of the Eternals who are sometimes considered failures and suffer from unstable genetics.

  • Introduced by the Celestials who seek to bring about the emergence of superior species.

  • Indirectly created by the Celestials through Phaistos of the Eternals of Earth though this is in breach of his creators rules so made them suits to hide their energy signatures. Despite that, the Evolutionaries are dedicated to ensuring the survival of the next species on the planet.

  • One of the first Mutants on Earth and selected to be the agent of evolution of the Celestials where he seeks to bring about the superiority of his species.

  • Descendants of En Sabah Nur and his servants who in turn work for the Celestials.

  • The Celestials have seen the Watchers as a threat to eliminate in the past.

  • Servants of the Watchers so potential enemies to the Celestials.

  • War machine created by a young aspirant race with the goal of replacing the Celestials only to lose the conflict.

  • Creation of a race judged as failures by the Celestials but before their death they made a weapon to destroy their enemies experiments.

  • Another victim of the Celestial's judgement.

  • Unintended result of Celestial experiments who crafted an energy force to serve them only for it to turn against them leading to the Exterminators being banished and sealed in another dimension.