Blue and Gold

If I was a writer, I would perhaps head a new Booster Gold series in the New 52. It would be a second run for Blue and Gold. The idea being to merge Booster Gold and Blue Beetle together into one series. It would cover Booster in the present where he becomes friends with Ted Kord. The pair then get Jaime Reyes under their wing and Booster's sister comes to the present as well. They would work with Booster and try to stop about the disasters he says are oncoming... like the Reach occupation of Earth.

List items

  • Perhaps a funny friendship between him and Khaji Da?

  • Possible short term romance with Jaime?

  • Kord Incorporated would be the business run by the Kord family. After the death of Ted's parents, Jarvis would take over but he has more ruthless plans for it...

  • Goldstar Division would be part of Kord Incorporated that works to help Booster Gold and support him. Partly Jarvis would try to subvert it to get it to steal his future-tech. Perhaps an arc could see Booster trying to turn Goldstar into a full company.

  • Chief administrative aide for the Goldstar Division who later forms a romance with Booster.

  • Time police who prevent Booster from making great changes to the timeline. They are the reason why he must be extra careful in his actions and why he resorts to low level heroics. If he steps out of line, they have threatened to remove him from the timeline and return him to the future.

  • Home of the Linear Men.

  • I would develop Jaime's friends in these series and would include Static among them.

  • A Project Cadmus creation leading to an adventure with Cadmus.

  • Team up with the Question... perhaps with Traci 13 being in the magical adventure.

  • He would be a young recruit of the Sons of Vulcan that are a xenophobic secret society of alien hunters. They would seek out alien technology and try to kill aliens on the planet. The Sons of Vulcan would be against Jaime because of his Scarab. Miguel Devante would be first against Jaime but eventually an ally as they both are made enemies of the Sons of Vulcan

  • Father to Ted and brother to Jarvis who helped create Kord Incorporated. Killed with Ted believing for a time that Jarvis killed Thomas.

  • Jarvis would of course be Ted's uncle who took charge of the company. He would actually be quite sinister and seek to enhance his own power base. Perhaps hiring some villains to battle the heroes to operate indirectly. He would also gain access to Reach tech to create android warriors to conquer the world.

    Maybe have a story line where Ted suspects Jarvis responsible for killing his dad. He wouldn't be but it would be a story point.

  • Most corrupt city in the world and home to Men of the Mask a well as a branch of Kord Incorporated.

  • The Sons of Vulcan would be a secret society that was forged in ancient times when the Metavirus was created by Daemonite experiments. This created a line of pyrokinetics who are xenophobic and seek to find alien technology to exploit in order to turn it against aliens. They feel threatened by all aliens and seek their elimination. The group would have several branches; recruitment would be Vox Humana and Aelius Industries Inc would be public relations/shell company.

  • Headquarters to the Sons of Vulcan that is located in an extra-dimensional pocket and is where their leadership is based.

  • I would make him the mentor to Devante again and who recruited him. Though strict, he isn't cruel and thus he is somewhat distanced from the other members of the Sons of Vulcan who disprove of his compassionate ways.

  • Change the name to Galatea but otherwise keep her as a female gynoid. Perhaps a companion to Thonius who she loves and is more sympathetic in keeping Miguel away from the extremist views of the Sons of Vulcan.

  • Artificial intelligence at the Forge and controls the base for the Sons of Vulcan.

  • Tome containing all the laws and records of the Sons of Vulcan

  • Gunmen hired by Jarvis Kord to act on his behalf?

  • A 'Joker'-like figure. I would have multiple Joker style villains operating in a Reign of the Joker storyline. Weeper, the Muse, Black Clown, Wackyman etc etc all emerging

  • I would make him into a Booster Hold villain who is obsessed with harnessing time travel technology. He has managed to create temporal equipment but its not perfect and he targets Booster to seize his gear.

  • Whatever goon that Stopwatch manages to get to work for him. Wears a temporal suit but its not perfect and can be unpredictable.

  • A cabal of future villains seeking to subvert the timeline to achieve their goals. They are enemies of the Linear Men.

  • Hero of Ultrapolis from a variant future timeline that the crew visits on a time travel journey.

  • Website created by a person who saw a young superhero fail and led to the death of their loved ones. Targets any superhero and tries to bad mouth them.

  • Its already established in the New 52 that Booster knows about the Reach and was why he attacked Jaime. After learning about Reyes, he decides to keep him close and prepare Earth for the Reach invasion without alerting it openly and creating a time paradox. He has to keep the line between ensuring mankind's survival and the timeline. So, he operates in the shadows.

  • Reach ambassador and leader of the attempt to subvert and conquer Earth.

  • A mistake in the new series is basically not showing the actual Reach aliens. So, I would change Lu-Kreeza into being a genetic construct or an alien augmented with Reach tech who has decided to serve his new masters. These individuals would become Command Drones designed to operate more effectively in the Reach hierarchy and manage their technology. Think Vorta from DS9.

  • An actual Reach warrior wearing the Scarab similar to the one in Young Justice animated. He would lead the security efforts for the Reach conquest of Earth.

  • A Reach Scarab equipped warrior... perhaps change him into a female character.

  • He would be part of the Pax Program who seek to make super-soldiers. The latest version would be Christopher who would become Peacemaker that would be augmented with Reach technology into an enhanced soldier. Not Scarab equipped with Reach tech. Peacemaker would be a foe against both the Reach and Blue and Gold.

  • Like the first series, perhaps Khaji Da inspires some other Scarabs to rebel. However, the KDRA target all other species with elimination as a result. Its a repetition of what happened in the first run but its an interesting concept that deserves further exploration. I would just make it that the KDRA did not lead to the Reach empire disintegrating but seriously weakened them.

  • They would operate in the shadows and fight a shadow war with the Reach for control of Earth. Blue and Gold would be fighting them as well but never learn the full truth about them.