Some new titles for a New 52

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What titles should DC make next?

Since the New 52 has started, there have been many titles coming in and out. Some good, others bad. During that time, we have seen cancellations with new books replacing them and some of those even ending. Some good books were lost in the process like OMAC or Vibe but what's done is done. One can only look to the future and hope those characters from a cancelled book gets a home in a new book instead of being relegated to limbo status. But, anyway, I have been thinking of possible new books for DC to make. There are loads of Superman, Batman and Green Lantern titles so really something should be taken from the Green Lantern book. Under Geoff John's, Green Lantern went from one lone book into an entire family with five titles along with a six on the way. So, expansion of some character's families. Aquaman and the Others looks to be a good move in expanding the Aquaman side of things, but what about others? What titles should DC try to introduce soon?

So, my suggestion's on what titles DC should create:

  • Shazam : Billy Batson has got the chance for a new start and Geoff John's has done some really nice work with the character. He might not be exactly as he used to be but the potential for the character and mythos building is immense. Really, he should be getting his own book soon and preferably by John's to continue with the character. My only fear is if they wait too long that the build-up they made will have lost steam with the loss in some of the readers. I hope that's an unfounded fear as I really want to see Shazam back with his expanded family plus revamped villains.
  • Cyborg : Victor's gotten some very interesting development and lore expansion. He and his father has ties with some big scientific minds like T.O. Morrow plus the Red Room full of technological wonders. On top of that, there is ties to the Fourth World thanks to the nature of his origin story. So, I could see him being the center of the technological world in his own book and also offers a new young hero since practically all the Young Justice family books have ended. Add in a supporting cast and his own villains then we could see some interesting stuff from his own book.
  • Green Arrow and the Outsiders : Similar to a number of characters, Oliver Queen has gotten some great focus made on him. Things like Lemire's run on the book and the developments on Arrow have given him a diverse world. He's now got his own mythology and supporting cast which extends globally. Now, we got a new incarnation of the Outsiders introduced which perhaps Green Arrow can start leading to become a force for good once more. You can easily add a supporting cast for his second book such as Katana, Shado, Emiko, Richard Dragon and others such as his dad who manage this secret world that operates in the shadows.
  • ARGUS : The Forever Evil tie-in has really impressed me and made me want to learn more about ARGUS which was simply just another faceless organization. This could perhaps actually expand the Wonder Woman family if they make Steve Trevor the lead character. We could see the non-myth Wonder Woman villains such as Doctor Cyber, Doctor Poison, Amoeba Man, Silver Swan and others being added as his enemies. Thus, through extension, they become Diana's enemies as well but serve as antagonists for Trevor and ARGUS. And of course I would love to learn more about the various branches of the organization and their interaction with the wider world. Maybe have Checkmate being their UN counterpart and competitor.
  • The Rogues : Just like the above, the Forever Evil tie-in Rogues Rebellion has been a fun book and perhaps it might be nice to have a book about some villains. It would not only expand the Flash family but also have something similar to Suicide Squad and Secret Six where it covers the world of villains. Only difference is that these can be semi-nice villains instead of murderers and killers. We could see how they manage in-between superheroes and supervillains since they did get targeted by the Secret Society of Super-Villains under orders from the Crime Syndicate. So, they aren't on one side or the other but are entirely their own thing.

These are the primary ones I feel should come out soon and serve as good expansions to their respective families. Beyond these, I would also like to see a new Blue and Gold series with Booster and Ted being the main leads but also Jamie and Goldstar also being there. Also, a potential Doom Patrol might be fun since we have seen them being mentioned in John's Justice League. Matt Kindt might be a good writer for such a series. These are just my views though and might not necessarily work but I feel an expansion into certain comic families might do them good and perhaps they could survive for longer if they were associated with a known superhero yet not necessarily be Bat/Sup/GL family related. But anyway, the above are what I think DC should introduce sooner rather than later.

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