Could we be getting a new Power Ring?

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Forever Evil - Power Ring

At the end of Trinity War, we saw the arrival of the Crime Syndicate leading to the event called Forever Evil. An alternate evil-er version of the Justice League from the other Earth in the Multiverse known as Earth-3. Among its members is the supervillain called Power Ring. In the old continuity, he used to be called Joseph Harrolds but really he was a version of Hal Jordan. Prior to the reboot, Power Ring kind of followed the way that there were many Green Lanterns in that each time we saw the Syndicate that there was a different Power Ring. But one thing that seemed to be the case was that instead of being a fearless person, the person wearing these rings was actually enslaved by the ring they were wearing. In the old continuity, this used to be a mystical monk called Volthoom, who is now re-introduced in the New 52 in the pages of Green Lantern by Geoff Johns. So, presumably, the First Lantern who appeared in the Wrath of the First Lantern is within the Crime Syndicate Power Ring's... uh ... ring. The New 52 Power Ring seems to be a stuttering fearful person who is constantly under the watchful eye of Deathstorm - the Earth-3 version of Firestorm.

But something in Forever Evil #2 made me think about the future of the character. He was shown feeling some pain and his ring's power dropped in energy. In fact, his arm seems to be wasting away and he said this has happened before. Could we be seeing the first hints of an end to Power Ring? And if so, has Geoff John's already hinted on his successor?

Jessica Cruz - The Female Green Lantern?

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Jessica Cruz is a character we get hinted on seeing in the future at the end of Geoff John's Green Lantern run. In his final issue, John painted a picture of the future and the fate of the various characters. One of them concerned the adventures of new ring wielder Simon Baz. In the story, Baz is shown in the future being what appears to be possibly Earth where he is battling a woman. A woman called Jessica Cruz who is wearing the uniform of a Green Lantern. Its said she got her ring in the wake of the Justice League's "death" and that she was a controversial figure. Its interesting to note that its said that he is responsible for training the first female RING BEARER. Not necessarily a Green Lantern.

Now, its entirely possible that she gets the ring simply because Simon Baz might be registered dead. But it seems kind of soon and quick to be adding yet another Earth Lantern. And, an interesting thing to note in the preview of the character at the end of Green Lantern is that Baz is trying to reason with her. Telling her that he knows what it is like to be labelled a villain. And certainly she seems to have ties to Forever Evil as there is a poster of her linked to the event. So, that's my theory... I could be wrong but its something that got into my head after reading Forever Evil #2.

So, could Jessica Cruz become the new wielder of Power Ring's ring? I guess only time will tell.

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