And so came the Inhuman exodus

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During the events of Infinity, Avengers and New Avengers, writer Jonathan Hickman introduced a new concept for Inhuman lore. Namely, that there are multiple tribes of Inhumans following a splintering among their kind long ago. It was said that there were Hidden Kings and a Queen that faced a disagreement that caused them to go their different ways. This fracture was the result over their destiny and honor with four of the Royal Family departing creating the Lost Tribes. They went out into the world and even in space with some interbreeding with humans on Earth. Their offspring became the NuHumans that lived as humans and were unaware of their heritage and true nature until the detonation of the T-Bomb that activated their powers. But a question I feel that has not been answered is... what was the disagreement? What caused the splinter? Something very cool and mythology building could be done if this was looked at like who were these Kings and Queen. The two big old school Inhumans regularly mentioned are Randac and Agon. But this could be the opportunity to add more.

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But anyway, the time of the Infinity event saw the introduction of this new concept. That there are other tribes of Inhumans out there outside their city That these Inhumans were out there in the world and hidden with none except Black Bolt being aware of this aspect of their history. He revealed this to his fellow Illuminati members after they learnt that Thanos had come to Earth looking for his son who was in one of the hidden Inhuman cities.

In the pages of New Avengers, Inhumans and All-New Inhumans, we got introduced to these different tribes and the cities they resided:

  • Orollan
  • Ennillux
  • Otollan
  • Unnamed tribe that went into space and massacred by Thanos

Two of the four (or five which is Attilan itself) are pretty much gone. The Lor of Orollan suffered a huge loss when Thane's powers activated following Terrigenesis and he accidently killed much of the settlement with Lash being among the only survivor. Thane himself is also the only survivor of his tribe as they were massacred by Thanos. So that leaves Attilan, Ennillux and Otollan. I do hope development is not forgotten on these tribes. They should get their own personalities more and key characters. Get some strange and wondrous stuff there. Like mix the weirdness of the Paul Jenkins stuff, the grandness of Hickman and the wonder of Jack Kirby who created the Inhumans.

This is my own speculation but if we want to see a breakdown on the tribes then there could be some key themes about them. Attilanians could be the genetic aristocracy consisting of houses and royalty. Orollanians could be the religious minded and having some zealots among them. Ennilluxians could be the corporate techno-lords. And the Otollanians being the matriarchal forest lords. We have not seen any of the space tribe that got massacred so I cannot speculate on what they could have been really. Do hope we see more of them actually like some more survivors so they are not gone completely. But anyway, just to note, the above is just speculation on my part on what those tribes could have been like based on what we had seen.

The events of Infinity certainly added a lot to the Inhuman mythology. I just want to see it more developed. The Inhumans have their own niche and area that could use more development and exploration. The tribes are just one thing and gives them their own thing. Which is what inspired me to make this post about the Inhuman tribes. This is not counting the other splinter groups of course like the Alpha-Primitives, the Avians, the Hidden Ones and the Universal Inhumans. Speaking of which, when are we going to get some focus on the Alpha-Primitives and Universal Inhumans? Maybe that's something for another blog post but yeah there are a lot of cool ideas that could use some focus in the Inhumans.

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