A Meeting of Minds


First off, Grayson is awesome. Its a fun book and nice change in dynamic for Dick Grayson. Don't get me wrong, he will always be Nightwing to me also but I think he has kind of lost his place in the New 52 ever since he stopped being Batman. When Bruce was gone, the natural heir and successor to the cowl was Dick Grayson and his dynamic with Damian Wayne worked. But with the New 52, he's kind of languished and not reached his potential. At least, that's just my opinion. Then Forever Evil happened and everything changed... Dick Grayson's civilian identity was revealed and he could not go back to that life anymore. And from there, we get Grayson where he's been sent to infiltrate Spyral. You know Spyral right? Mysterious shadowy spy organization created during Grant Morrison's time? Yep, we get that Spyral's whose principal agent is New 52 Helena Bertinelli. Not going to spoil what happened in the previous story arc but the status quo had changed once again and Bertinelli has become the new head of Spyral.

But we get a new problem as a string of bodies from various spy agencies from around the world are emerging. Said intelligence organizations include ARGUS and Checkmate. So, what happens? Well, when things getting shaken up we get a meeting of bosses. The various spymasters from around the world decide to meet with Matron Bertinelli and ask her to sort things out. And we get the above panel... the spymasters in the shadows. Hope we get to meet these guys and be part of the Grayson world but what's more fun is guessing who they might be!

So, anyone know everyone in this panel? Grifter is there which is awesome and hope they make good use of him like how they made good use of Midnighter. I believe that's King Faraday talking. But what about the others? Don't think Amanda Waller is there which is kind of a shame but meh. On a side note, give this creative team control over Suicide Squad. I would read that book if they were writing it.

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