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Underdogs of Color (Marvel Edition)

One of my favorite things in comics is the underdog. They can be henchmen or sidekicks, but they never get enough panel time. We root for them when they go against the heavy hitters despite knowing the outcome. These are a few of them.

List items

  • One of the biggest underdogs, Curtis Carr. He made from villain to hero and is one of the most intellegent human beings in Marvel.

  • The street-wise Comanche. Good with a knife, and apparently bow & arrows as well.

  • The street-wised Shades. A man of strategy and planning.

  • The ever so useful informant. Died to early.

  • Possibly has a future. The Hustler was smart enough to make a hypnotic device then who knows what else this brotha could do.

  • Big Ben, a man who's name says it all. He has floored quite a few heroes in his day.

  • An outside the law cop. He had no problem with beating suspects or shooting them for that matter.

  • The Gadget Man. A very intellegent and crafty inventor who knows how to watch out for his own backside.

  • The stand in for Tony Stark. March held his own in the Iron Man suit.

  • A modern-day zorro who often teamed up with Luke Cage & Iron Fist.

  • A simple man who had an unhealthy obsession with his speacialized gun. Still gotta give credit for making the thing though.

  • Bill Carver, the fastest brotha from Harlem. Died before he could make his mark on Marvel.

  • An extremely skilled knife thrower, Cage's first villain, and an interesting character. Died before he could join the ranks of Marvel's super-villains.

  • Snake suit wearing criminal with enhanced jaw structure.

  • An actually intellegent scientist. He has potential to become much more than a henchemen or to-bit criminal.

  • Tough sistah who carry her own miniseries.

  • Highly intellegent. Another one of Marvel's smartest individuals who could carry her series.

  • Bishop's fallen sister. A Return would be interesting for this hard-core sistah.

  • Gateway could make it into a group and get more panel time. Maybe even his own miniseries.

  • These sistahs are BADD. The Black Panther's highly skilled and beautiful bodygaurds. A series centering around them would real cool to read.

  • Old member of the New Warriors. He never got any real time to himself, but could definitely support it.

  • Another affiliate of the New Warriors. She could support a miniseries.

  • Big, Buff, and Dangerous. Could role with a miniseries if it is well written.

  • He was very interesting, and was introduced pretty cool as well. Most definitely would read a Synch Series.

  • I can see now, a series consisting of the Bradley family heroes. Patriot would be the center of the series.

  • A militant who was geared towards crime more so than Freedom. He could hold more than his own in a fight.

  • She played an interesting role in a few events. Has good potential for further appearances.

  • Naturally if the team made it than their teacher had too also.

  • Jalome Beacher, a highly intelligent and some what skilled brotha. Invented a frictionless suit, and held his own in a fight. R.I.P. brotha Jalome.

  • Burning through the frontlines is the chemist Steven Hudak.

  • This brotha from Chicago had the ability to wipe away people's memories. I think he could have had a bigger career in comics.

  • Another brotha from Morlock crew

  • After having had her own series, she has been relocated to an underdog for Daredevil. She might make a comeback down the road.

  • Daredevil's door mat unfortunately.

  • A two bit drug boss and pimp.

  • An interesting gambler who messed around with Luke Cage.

  • This brotha could have gotten his own miniseries filled with non-stop martial action.

  • DOCTER Claire Temple. That's right! Docter!

  • A New Warriors telekinetic. Much potential.

  • A South African mutant. . .who's power screams "I got jipped!". He himself is okay though.

  • It may have something to do with his name or his look, but Racer does get a spot on the list.

  • One of the men who trained Blade, the vampire hunter.

  • A man who is life linked to the Ghost Rider. He can only die if the Rider dies.