Series I want to review monthly

Yeah this isn't every series from my pull but a select few that I will go back to just to review even if I get it late hope I won't but might happen but I will review each issue.

Not yet completed due to some of the books not being released yet.

This will change due to time and how much I like the book but some will be on here for a long time.

Come Forever evil more will be added.

List items

  • While this series has been a bit inconsistent it's the mad ideas Hickman comes up with that brings me back to it and well like Swamp Thing not as many people review it now so I want to review each issue as the book is very enjoyable.

  • Really the reason I'm reviewing this is because it's a cosmic book and I think Jeph Loeb has finally got his act together and will produce a great book if not well it'l l be fun reviewing it.

  • For Infinity