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My favourite comic characters.

Title explains itself. Heroes and villains.

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  • Yes I like Swamp Thing more than Batman why? Because his current series is my favourite book currently out and I utterly love the idea of him Avatar of Plant life across the world? Brilliant. I only got into Swamp Thing when I got the Prelude to Rotworld crossover because I'd heard it was good and well like I said earlier the character always interested me and well I fell in love with the character those issues weren't the best but they were a really interesting read and it got me into the series and all the issues after were fantastic and Iv went back and got the first trade which was excellent. The current run of Swamp Thing is possibly the best since Alan Moore pick it up and I'll be really sad when Scott Snyder leaves. Also while he is just a big plant he does have a heart and there is so much depth to his character and in his series.

  • Best Marvel character ever! May seem like a boring character but he really isn't he is a true patriots his origin is genius not because of the exact events that gave him his powers but why he did it truly inspiring stuff.

  • DC's flagship hero with possibly the most famous origin ever for a comic character he has no powers but he is one of the all time greats.

  • I love this guy he had such a great death he is a truly caring character and will do anything to save the people he cares about.

  • Best female character very strong with a great background and her new series is great and a truly great character.

  • my favourite Robin by far I like Dick Grayson but as Nightwing and well Damian Wayne is great he is such a lovable character and he is my favourite Grant Morrison creation.

  • Such a great character his powers may not seem like much but he is such a great character and always well written.

  • I love this guy I have just read him in Justice League Dark but he was amazing in that definitely a favourite. Also British Like me

  • Seems like a lame character at first but he's really just misunderstood such a great character.

  • Best female x-men character she's gone through a lot but she still remains a great character and one of my favourites.

  • Best X-man of all time he's not got the best powers in the world but he uses them well and has some great stories and origin.

  • Never liked him as Cap's sidekick but with him as the Winter Soldier he has become on of my favourite characters and his book is just brilliant.

  • The armoured avenger he may seem a little pig headed but really he's a great character with no powers but can sort himself out.

  • Basically only the Earth 2 version as I really like him in that and that's where I read him first.

  • She is my favourite Young Avenger she has no powers but she is a great leader and a very compassionate person she made the book and she will always remain a personal favourite of mine.

  • Rich background a caring character with great powers and such a truly great character she's great in Uncanny X-force.

  • One of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's best creations the idea is fantastic the stories he has had are fantastic (especially Silver Surfer Requiem). He is a fantastic character and I love his original series with the John Buscema art.

  • Best Watchmen character no powers but can handle himself he's an outsider and everybody likes him as a character.

  • The best female Avenger really brave and powerful she's one of my favourites and I love her in whatever book she's in as a character.

  • She's been through everything death rebirth being controlled by a cosmic force and husbands who are having affairs with other people she's a great character and one of my favourites.

  • He's bad ass great background and awesome powers.

  • He may seem silly but really he's got a heart as shown in Uncanny X-force when written well he's a great character.