Justice League of America #4 theories.


I have seen a ton of discussion about this particular issue and of course the demise of one of the most well known females in comics, Catwoman. I've seen a lot of theories as to what is going on and here I'm going to discuss them all, but in my opinion, this is the bigger trigger for Trinity War.

So what happened?

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In Issue 4 Catwoman is shot through the head at point blank rangeby the leader of the secret Society. Now who is going to survive that? Catwoman wouldn't I could understand if it was someone with powers like Martian Manhunter, they could survive it (which is one of the theories) but Catwoman sure would be dead, and I believe she is dead or at least until after Trinity War.

She's dead!

Justice League of America #5

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On the cover to Justice League of America #5 it shows a coffin and in the solicit it says that someone died at the end of issue 4 Catwoman, while this could obviously be misleading, or it could be someone else gets killed in it (Stargirl is a possibility), but seeing as she's on the cover to Trinity War I doubt it's here (so is Catwoman but more on that later). I do believe this is the death on the cover to issue 5 even thought it covers up who it is.

The solicit to issue 5

Reeling from the traumatic death following issue #4’s cliffhanger, the “world’s most dangerous team” discovers what the Secret Society is ultimately after—and who they are. But can Steve Trevor get this uncontrollable team under control before it’s too late? Plus, a revelation about Stargirl leaves one of her team members out for blood.

Trinity war

Trinity War it says in the solicit is caused by a death that brings all of the Justice League's into the fight and obviously the connection with this that will bring Batman and the Justice League when he finds out what happens, and I see no other way this event is going to start. It makes perfect sense for this to happen plus imagine how it's going to go down when the rest of the world and the Justice League find out.

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Phantom Stranger

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In the solicit for issue 11 of Phantom Stranger it says they go down to the afterlife to find the murdered soul of a Justice League member. Now on this cover it has the Phantom Stranger who will have a lot to do with Trinity War, Deadman (obviously he'd go he's dead) Katanna probably because of her soul sword, but then I thought what Batman? Batman would go to the afterlife? Then after I read this issue it made perfect sense. He cares for Catwoman and would probably go out of his way to save her.Batman looks looks very out of place in this group, but with issue 4 the whole thing falls into place.

She isn't Dead!

Martian Manhunter

This is the obvious one, Martian Manhunter was shot disguised as Catwoman, but one this feels like a cop out on Johns' part this is an over used plot point in comics these days, really overused. I doubt this considering the evidence, but it's possible and someone else dies.

Amanda Waller

Now I don't read Suicide Squad, but if I am correct Amanda Waller owns a serum that can bring anyone back to life if there body is still intact, and she has used this before. Also Amanda said she wanted Catwoman in the Suicide Squad in the first issue or at least suggested it, so I wouldn't rule this option out, but it still feels like this isn't going to happen.


I believe she is dead there are arguments against, but from what I gathered from solicits and other bits of information it is likely Catwoman who was killed, and this leads to the clash of the two leagues and Trinity war.

This is my opinion please comment on what you think about issue and Trinity War as well.

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Shazam! might be getting his own series.

I like so many other people have really liked the Justice League Shazam! Back up and have found it to be the best part of the book, but come issue 21 his origin ends and so probably does the backup. Now my theory is that he's getting his own series and this basically was a prequel because DC will have 50 ongoings come June and there needs to be two more right? So one of those is rumoured to be a Trinity of Sin Question ongoing (like Pandora is getting a series and Phantom Stranger has been renamed Trinity of Sin Phantom Stranger) so that brings it to 51. So I think Shazam will be the other series it makes sense as DC have seen the response the Backup has got so being the money making machine it is it will at some point (hopefully) launch a series as part of the reason people buy Justice League is for the backup. So hopefully they will launch this series but it's not confirmed.

So any thoughts?


Why you should get John Layman and Jason Fabok's Detective comics

Detective comics in the New 52 didn't have a very good reputation I have not read it but it sounds pretty bad. Yet with issue 13 the new Creative team of John Layman and Jason Fabok came onto the book and in my opinion the book has vastly improved to become the 3rd best Batman book after Batman and Batman Incorporated (not counting Batgirl, Nightwing and Batwoman) and now I'm going to tell you why.

Note: this is the first of several blog posts I will do on comic series.

Focus on the villains

In each issue of since 13 there has been a spotlight on a villain each issue first the Penguin then Poison Ivy then Clayface and then the League of Smiles. That isn't to say that John Layman hasn't forgotten about Batman he still has a large role in each issue but John Layman has added a lot to each of the villains (especially Clayface but more on that later). John Layman has decided to go in a different direction to what Batman is doing and he has done it very well introducing a new villain each issue but not forgetting the previous villains in the issue and not forcing the new villain in it is very well executed.

Giving Clayface a heart!!

As I mentioned earlier John Layman did something very good with Clayface he gave him emotions and a heart. This takes place in issue 15 and well that was the best part of the issue I mean Clayface I never really liked him before (maybe because of the silly version of him in Lego Batman but anyway) but now I really like him and the depth that was given to him in that issue wasn't forced at all and I hope Layman explores more of this in future issues since it was very well done.

Different types of tie-in

I admit I haven't read issue 16 but reading reviews on it I learnt that it was a different sort of Tie-in to DOTF not really focussing on Joker and Batman's fight but more showing the effect Joker has on Gotham and the nutters in it. To me this is a clever idea as Layman didn't decided to do something boring like just showing more Joker Batman fights but decided to show what the Joker does while not losing the direction and the Story he was writing as he still continues the Penguin story (or Emperor Penguin,Ogivily). It is a clever thing to do and makes good use of a tie-in something more comics should do.

Issue 19 is important!!

By that I mean when Detective comics ended before the New 52 it was on issue #881 so when the new Detective comics reached issue #19 that would be issue #900. So DC are doing something with that releasing a 80 page (or thereabouts) anniversary issue costing $7.99. Yeah I relasise that will stretch people's budget a bit but the issue does look interesting and I think it should be interesting. I'm sure it won't let us down and I'm sure it will be worth it.

The Backups add to the overall story.

One of the best things DC do at the minute is that if a comic is $3.99 they add on a 10 page backup this one of the things that DC do better than Marvel as you get better value for money. I am not saying that these backups are the greatest thing ever and they are beautifully written but they add an extra bit to the story that may not managed to be answered in the main story what I mean is if there wasn't the backup layman would have to include this part of the story in the main section like in 14 in the Backup there is a bit with Poison Ivy in Arkham Asylum this is an important part and if it was included in the main section it would have to be included in the main section which might push the overall story back so the arc might be even longer. It is a good use of Backups and some of them are quite good.

Jason Fabok is a fantastic artist!

If you have read my reviews for Detective comics you know I'm a big fan of Jason Fabok and with good reason. The first thing that will spring to mind if you look at the art is that Fabok's art is a lot like David Finch's this is because Fabok was mentored by Finch and I personally prefer Fabok. He has a cleaner style than Finch and the facial expressions are better I'm not saying I dislike David Finch I really like his art I just like Fabok's more. Fabok is insanely productive he manages to pencil, ink 20 pages of art plus a cover and they are all done to a high standard I mean every cover has been fantastic especially Detective Comics #15 and Detective Comics #16 (for #15 I'm talking about the originally solicited one not the Die-cut one) It all looks amazing and Fabok's art is dynamic especially the two page spreads. This is a great looking book and one of the best around.


Give this book a try it is underrated it's understandable why it is living in the shadow of Batman and Batman Incorporated but for what you get it is a very good book and I hope this blog post has persuaded you to give it a try and it is fantastic I'm not saying it is perfect but it is worth trying out.


Super mario bros 2 review.

I’m quite partial to a good computer game and I’m not old enough to play all of the Call of Dutys and Assasins creed I have played World at War but the majority of them I haven’t played but one of the most consistent game series out is the Super Mario Bros series after one of my favourite games ever on a DS Super Mario Bros so I had high hopes for this one. Some people don’t like Mario but I just like it for the pure fun.


Princess Peach is captured by the Koopalings Mario and Luigi have to go rescue her.


This is the standard Mario platform game like Super Mario Bros Wii and DS with Mario having to jump across levels avoiding and jumping on enemies and using items to get to the end. I wanted to see how Nintendo used the 3D to give this two dimensional game a 3D look and I wanted to see what the graphics were like. I also wanted to see if they introduced anything drastically different to what we’ve seen in previous game in terms of items and the designs of levels.

What sets this apart from the other ones is the focus on Coins I haven’t managed to get a million coins which is what you’re meant to get to complete part of the game it’s normally collect the star coins and complete the levels but with this you get more ups that will earn you coins. This is a nice change from the rest of the Mario games and it makes the game more interesting as you will have to go and complete levels again to earn coins.

The plot for this game is a normal Mario plot that has been used thousands of times we know it’s going to be the standard one so I generally don’t bother with it as I’m more interested in playing the game we have had these plots for years so you should never really complain about it as it will always be repeated.


There are only three new addition to the items inventory in this game we get the standard Fire flower, Mushroom, Star and giant mushroom these are always fun to use especially fire flower which is the most common item in the game as well as P-wing(don’t count mushroom because it just makes you bigger).

Coin block.
Coin block.

The P-wing is basically the same as the Tankooki suit we saw in Super Mario 3D land (which you should all get) but without the suit and if you run far enough you can fly for a short time. This is a useful item mainly because it lets you float slowly down after jumping the air and you miss you can’t simply float down it helps a lot with this game as you often have to jump over large gaps that can only be done with this. You also get the ability to hit people with your tail this helps with small enemies but won’t help with rocks and boulders but it can be helpful because you can hit blocks that block the way to pipes that lead you to other places in the game and sometimes to hidden flags.

Gold Mario
Gold Mario

We also see the introduction of a new item which is the coin block which when you ever you start running coins will slowly start to appear and when you are running at full speed coins spurt out rapidly this helps with the game in many ways as you earn a lot of coins very quickly and you earn one ups quickly but you will lose it the moment you collide with an enemy as you have to be careful and you automatically lose it after collecting a large amount of coins. The only way you get one of these is by hitting a block quickly getting 10 coins until it eventually goes gold and then you run around with it on your head it’s a bit ridiculous with it on your head but the item fits in well with the coin theme of the game.


The best item of this game is the gold flower it gives you so much insane power it is incredibly rare so if you find one hold onto it but you spray a ball out that when it collides with something sends out a shockwave that turns blocks into coins and if you hit an enemy you automatically get 5 coins you are nigh on invincible you can be hit but with the amount of damage you do you’re not likely to get hit you can even hit a koopaling and knock him into a shell with one hit so use them on boss battles a lot. I suppose with the amount of power you get you can’t use it for several levels in a row as at the end of a level it turns into a fire flower as you could likely destroy everything in the next level easily.

The only standout item in this game is the gold flower as the other two new ones are a bit similar to other ones I hoped for more new items like in the (classic) super mario Galaxy 2.


Cannon launch.
Cannon launch.

This game features the standard Super Mario bros game design with you hopping from block to block this is always fun to do and some of the new levels are quite impressive. Yet the worlds are similar to ones we’ve seen before with have a snow, sky, forest and tropical worlds they are always lots of fun but I personally would like to see new worlds like in Super Mario Galaxy 2 (sorry I just love that game it’s my favourite Mario game ever) as that had lots of different worlds and while we did have similar ones they used the environment differently. The levels are still fun but a little too similar to levels we have seen before. We do on this game get secret worlds there are at least 3 two you get from unlocking cannons on worlds 1 and 3 and the other from completing the 6 world these secret worlds are interesting with the new levels and enjoyable. What was a real surprise was the introduction of canon levels which after you unlock the canon you have to complete a level after being launched out of it and are running very fast to the next level this is a nice addition to the game and the levels do test your skills.


I wanted to see the use of 3D in this game as I think the 3D could make this game look even better. The foreground when you turn on the 3D does look good as it adds depth to the images and makes the enemies look even better but the backgrounds are a different matter when you turn the 3D on it simply blurs it this doesn’t work and seems if Nintendo couldn’t be bothered to put it in it could look great and make this game even more attractive than it already is but it just blurs it and it doesn’t look great. Keep this game in 2D while the foregrounds in 3D look really good the backgrounds look bad and don’t make it look 3D.


We don’t see a lot of new enemies in this game just variation on old ones as in castles we get bone piranha plants and bone goombas the bone goombas are basically the same as the original ones are easily beaten by being hit on the heard but bone piranha plants are invincible to anything but invincibility as the original ones can be beaten by fire flower these can’t which does make it interesting on castle levels as you sometimes are stuck on moving platforms and because you can’t move it makes it very hard. On the whole the enemies are the same as other games but the new ones we do get are good.


This is a good game we get the normal fun levels, fun items and the change to coins were very interesting it just could have been more creative with items and worlds and also the use of 3D isn’t great.

81% of out of 100.


Top 5 comics for November.

Here I will simply list my top 5 comics for November I'll count down to one. Please give me any feedback about this since feedback is always welcome.


Deadpool #1

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This is the first of the Marvel Now! #1s I got for November and it's one of my favourites. Deadpool is a great character yet sometimes poorly portrayed but this is a great book and a lot of fun. I like the idea of undead presidents since it fits well with the absurdity of Deadpool and the presidents are pretty funny since there are a few political jokes. Deadpool is very well portrayed as well with him making a lot of jokes. The art by Tony Moore really fits the book really well and draws some great action scenes. This is one of the best number ones of the month and very enjoyable.

4. All new X-men #2

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This was the Marvel Now! series I was the most apprehensive about the idea of the original X-men coming forward in time was pretty bad idea but I tried out issue 1 and liked it but Issue #2 was astonishing. This issue features the coming forward in time of the original X-men and Bendis pulls it off in a great way, he uses his normal humorous dialogue and character drama to pull of in a great issue. We get some funny dialogue and some very interesting developments with Beast. People say that Bendis is a bad writer he's not this is great and really well written and one of my favourite number ones ever. The art is so good and some of the best artwork around pick this book up it's really good.

3. Indestructible Hulk #1

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This was the Marvel now series I was most looking forward too I love the Hulk and I love Mark Waid and Lenil Francis Yu so I had to pick this book up and it didn’t disappoint. This issue is very new reader friendly you don’t need to know a lot about the previous series to pick this up. This is a slow first issue but most first issues are it sets everything up very well and while half of this issue is a conversation but it’s interesting and the dialogue is good and the action scene in this issue is really good and has some great art. The art is spectacular and fits the book very well. This is the best Marvel Now! Number one I have read and possibly the most promising Marvel Now series.

2. Swamp-thing #14

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This is my favourite series Swamp-thing is my favourite DC character but this issue comes second because the first one was in my opinion just better not by much just slightly this is still my favourite series because I’ve been collecting it for longer and has been very consistent but the other one is just slightly better. This is probably my favourite issue of the series that I have read Rotworld is amazing and this is no different it is wonderfully written and illustrated and has probably my favourite Swamp-thing panel ever it is so well laid out and drawn. It establishes what has been happening with Abby and also sets everything up very well for Alec’s journey to Gotham in the next issue. The art is spectacular and Yanick Paquette is fast becoming one of my favourite artists. Everyone should buy this series it is really good and it is my favourite.

1. Batman #14

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What did you think was going to come first? Sorry but this storyline is so good and it only has had two issues this is the best Joker in years it is so well written and so clever. The Joker is so creepy and this is the best depiction of him I have seen since the Killing Joke he is so scary and the stuff he does just leaves you on the edge of your sheet it is really tense from start to finish. The twists in this story are amazing and unexpected the bit with Gordon was so shocking. I also liked the references to the Joker and Batman’s past encounters but instead of replaying them they change them in different ways. I also like the idea of incorporating other members of the Bat family we don’t get a lot of these kind of stories and it’s even better when the Joker’s involved. This is the best issue of the month it is incredible and one of the best issues I have ever read get it you won’t regret it.

So what did you think what your favourites were and tell me if I should continue doing this.

Runners up

Uncanny X-force #34

All new X-men #1

Uncanny Avengers #2

Captain America #1


Previews of the week.

Sorry this took a while but I only just managed to find the previews I say plural because these are so short that I decided to do three for all the comics.

The first one is Uncanny Avengers #2 by Rick Remender and John Cassaday.

The second is All new X-men #2 by Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen

This one I have only just decided to buy since the reviews have been good and I though that considering that I will get the main crossover I should get the prelude which is Aqauman #14 by Geoff Johns and Pete Woods.

Please tell me what you think.

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Christmas Ideas.

Christmas is coming up and I need some advice what Trades would you suggest getting these could be anything from New 52 books to Marvel to classic X-men stories I just need some help I have some spare money and I want to use it please help

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What I'm looking forward to in 2013

2013 looks like a good year for comics we have the arrival of several new series some events launching and ending and several awesome series continuing. I’m going to say what I’m most looking forward to in comics it may be events, series, story arcs anything there will only be 10 and they will all be from series I’m buying at the minute or intend to buy.

10. Uncanny Avengers 5

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This series hasn’t even got onto its second issue yet it should have done but it was delayed the first issue I really liked it but I find it annoying that it’s facing delays. This issue introduces Sunfire, Wonder Man and best of all Janet Van Dyne the Wasp who recently came back in Brian Michael Bendis’s Avengers end times story she’s a great character and I’m happy to see her back this issue also by the look of it is more of a character development issue after the Red Skull story arc it also has the return of the Grim Reaper who as I understand it was dead or was he brought back in Chaos War I don’t know but it also says that an Avengers kills a major character who? This really does make me want to pick up the issue but it wouldn’t be in the top 10 if not for one reason OLIVIER COIPEL IS DRAWING IT!!!!! And that’s reason enough to get it.

9. Avengers 5 and 6

This may seem weird but I always loved the cosmic side of Marvel I never read a lot but what I did read I liked a lot I really liked some of the War of Kings stuff and some of the old Nova stories and one of the things I liked from the Dark phoenix saga was the Imperial Guard yeah sure Gladiator had a really bad haircut but the characters were pretty cool and I liked the idea of an elite alien task force. When I saw the cover to issue 5 I was like I can’t wait to read this yeah my brother is getting it but he always lets me read them the idea of one of the imperial guard on the team was even better and to hear that the whole of the Imperial guard were going to be in it was even better but it doesn’t look good for them as apparently they have been defeated on the moon the blue area of the moon possibly? Also the covers for this issue is really nice. Issue 6 is really cosmic I mean look at it there’s a giant blue woman who apparently according to this is the universe a sentient version of the universe and Captain universe stars in it well Hickman said they weren’t just going to be defending new York and all this plus Adam Kubert art!

8. Indestructible Hulk 3 and 4

I still haven't read the first issue but the reviews have been good and I never drop a series until after 5 or so issues but I doubt this series is going to be bad though these two issues look great though. The whole premise of this series is great the Bruce Banner decides to stop saying woah is me and instead tries to enjoy life more and joins shield I'm also glad to see him fighting against villains he doesn't normally fight I mean when did the Hulk last fight Attuma? It sounds interesting and I will definitely buy it. I always liked the Hulk and he is in my top 5 characters coming 5th but sometimes I find he is poorly written but I doubt this will be considering how well Mark Waid has been doing on Daredevil and I truly love that series. Lenil Francis Yu is a great artist he has such a unique style that fits the Hulk really well with him looking very strong and powerful.

7. Guardians of the Galaxy 0.1

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Like I said I'm a sucker for a good cosmic story or series and I hope this will be good my brother is getting this one as well but I should read it and I hope it's good I know a lot of people are skeptical about Bendis taking it over but give the guy a chance his runs on Ultimate Spider-man and Daredevil are really popular yes his run on Avengers wasn't great but give the guy a chance. This does sound interesting though as it will show the origin of Peter Quill and how he becomes Star-lord this series should be good because of the solid Star-lord mini story in the point one while it was good there was nothing amazing in it but the series should be better. I'm also hoping this series features the return of several cosmic villains most importantly THANOS!!! He is one of the all time great villains. If the writing isn't good the art will be Steve McNiven never fails to give great visuals.

6. Wonder Woman 16 and 17

This series is one of the best out of the new 52 in my opinion a great blend of action and mythology and mystery it's very well written and beautifully drawn. The reason these two issues get me interested is the return of Orion and the expansion of Diana's family this whole story has pulled me in and I am really enjoying it issue 17 looks great and 16 almost as good but the reason issue 17 looks so good is the origin of the first born his whole story has really interested me as has the whole of Diana's complicated family and especially Orion who I have been waiting to see he originally seen in issue 12. The art has been fantastic as well Cliff Chiang is a talented guy although he is drawing issue 16 and Tony atkins is drawing issue 17 they both should be good.

5. All new X-men 5

No Caption Provided

This issue is the one I've been waiting for this is the reason I picked this series up this is what I wanted to see this series do sooner rather than later and issue 5 is exactly where I wanted to see it issues 1-4 set everything up and had the inevitable Cyclops, Cyclops fight while this should be good this is what I was waiting for Jean Grey coming to terms with what the older version of her has done destroying planets becoming a God, dying, coming back and then dying again this will make for a interesting issue. Another selling point of this issue is the art Stuart Immonen is one of my favourite artists and I even and made a blog post about why he's such a great artist and his talent for capturing emotion should make this a great issue. The cover is great as well and I love the younger Jean's face stuck so nicely in the middle of it all and all the events of her life are so nicely laid out this is a truly fantastic cover and in the corner is the marriage between Jean and Cyclops it is so good!

4. Rotworld

I love Swamp-thing it is probably my second favourite book out closely followed by Uncanny X-force and Wonder Woman and this Rotworld story has been plain amazing the art by Yanick Paquette leaves me speechless every time I look at it I love it more and more the page layouts are nothing sort of fantastic and the action is so dynamic. Rotworld is probably my favourite crossover all time and Scott Snyder has brought the best Swamp-thing series since Alan Moore's run and I hope Scott never leaves. Before we get to the finale of the story Swamp-thing goes to Gotham and I cannot wait for it he goes to Arkham Asylum and we end up meeting the residents of the Asylum Joker two face? Either way it should be great and I cannot wait for it happens and the cover to issue 16 looks fantastic and so beautiful. For the finale of the story it will rejoin with Animal-man to finish it off apparently issue 17 of Swamp-thing has a massive twist so they can sort out this mess either way it should be great I think it's a four point story arc between the two because I hope even though Marco Rudy is good I would prefer for Paquette to finish it off considering he may be leaving to do Wonder Woman Earth one with Grant Morrison or that's what the rumour is so I would like to see him going out with a bang.

3. Death of the Family

This is by far the most hyped story arc of the year and although I have only read issue 13-14 and the #0 this is probably my favourite series followed by Swamp-thing this is the best story I have read in years the Joker is creepy the story is creepy the whole story is so tense and you don't know what's going to happen next the first two issues have been incredible and the whole of this story arc better be as well there is so much riding on Scott Snyder and what he is doing but I doubt he is going to fail because he is such a great writer and really knows how to write Batman and the Joker. What I also love about this story arc is it's not just an all out action thriller but a psychological thriller as well since the Joker is playing with Batman and messing with his head by taking away his friends most importantly Alfred and saying he will kill all of the other Bat family members so that Batman will be stronger and things will go back to the ways it originally was with Batman and the Joker. The art by Greg Capullo is great he is a fantastic artist and fits Batman so well and his covers are fantastic and so creepy.

2. Throne of Atlantis

I don't buy Aquaman or Justice League I want to get them but Money restraints mean I can't buy them but with Christmas coming up I may get a little money and I have decided to get this little crossover since it sounded pretty good from the premise. I always liked Aquaman as a character having read Brightest day and he was pretty good in that and well I'm a sucker for a good little crossover which it what I like about what DC are doing at the minute Marvel are going for large events with perhaps the occasional mini crossover such as the omega effect and Exiled these large events aren't actually very good Avengers vs X-men was alright but was riddled with problems especially in the first 5 issues and most of there other events weren't very good as well the only good thing about Fear itself was the Art. But DC are doing little mini events between certain books Death in the family with any book with a Bat family member in it Rise of the the third army in the Lantern books and Rotworld in Swamp-thing and Animal-man this really appeals to me as we don't have to get endless tie-ins to get the full story like with the Marvel events I really like this. This event does sound promising though with Geoff Johns saying it's more character centric and will answer some of the questions running through Justice League such as the Superman and Wonder Woman relationship which should be interesting and I can't wait to read it and the art by Ivan Reis should be good as he did some great stuff on Blackest night. The event should be good and I hope it answers a lot of questions.

1. Age of Ultron

I have been waiting for this for ages when Bendis first hinted at it in his first Avengers story after Siege and the moment I heard it about it I was already crazy about it Ultron is my favourite Avengers villain and I couldn't wait to see this happen and when Bendis did issue 12.1 I went mad for it it looked so good and I wanted to see more Brian Hitch art I mean his stuff on Ultimates was great especially on Ultimates 2 with the massive fight scene which in my opinion is the greatest full scale battle even to be seen in comics everything happened really quickly and it was full of plot twists and the art was amazing and even had a four page spread that was so impressive. I know I said that I don't like a lot of Marvel events but this one I have been waiting for ages to be printed and at least it's not another hero vs hero event like civil war and Avengers vs X-men which is good considering it's a bit cliché. We also get a sort of Age of Apocalypse ordeal with the Heroes having to fight back after the world's come to an end we also get the return of Moon Night! Who hasn't appeared since he's series ended so this should be interesting also apparently the ending is so shocking that only 6 people know about it in the world. After issue 5 we get an artistic change from Brian Hitch and then too Brandon Peterson and Carlos Pacheco so this should be interesting to see. My only complaint is 3 issues ship in both March and April which I find annoying so I will probably end up cutting back on other stuff to get this but it is a good thing because we don't get long dragging series like Avengers vs X-men which ran over 6 months which I found really annoying when it would have been better if they shipped faster. No matter what the shipping date is this is my number one launch for 2013 and I can't wait.

Some people may be looking forward too JLA but I didn't put in on here because I don't have the money I do want to get it but I have to be realistic and cut back some people may be interested in the new Nova series but I am not even if I do like the Cosmic side of Marvel all the things I put here are merely what I can afford. Also I do buy other series such as Winter Soldier, Daredevil and Daredevil end of days but they didn't grab me as much compared to these because I wasn't exactly excited for the new creative team to come on since Brubaker has been killing it on the series and the Daredevil solicitation was a bit vague I am also going to get Young Avengers.

Please in the comments below tell me what your looking forward too most.


Stuart Immonen why I love his art.

Stuart Immonen is undoubtedly in my opinion one of the best artist currently working in comics his work just has some much energy to it and is so good to look at his artwork has so much depth to it you may not see it at first but it's most certainly there in this post I'll talk about certain areas of his work and I'll show examples of it some images may get repeated because they are good in two ways.


Stuart Immonens style has a lot of expression to it not just in Facial Expression but Body language yes all the facial expressions are perfectly drawn and the characters looks really alive but the body language of characters is truly astonishing Emma frost in the far right picture looks incredibly strong and powerful and this is how she should be drawn in this great way and Magneto looks great as well with him looking very strong and powerful. The third from the right is probably my favourite the characters expressions are great especially on Jessica Jones face she looks great and really strong as a character the Valkyrie looks great as well she looks very strong and Powerful like she should it's just a great image. The two on the far left are great as well Imomonen captures the teen feeling of the characters really well since some of them do appear in the issue but a lot older Cyclops looks young and a bit more of a boy scout than the older harder Scott Hank also looks great in this scene and his facial expressions are great. Jean looks very youthful and beautiful for her age. The All new X-men connecting cover looks great all the characters body language is perfect and displays what the characters are like very well as is the same with the Facial expressions.


While his covers aren't exactly surreal or anything in concept probably because of the books he's put on but he probably could do well if he's put on that sort of book but the covers he does do are really powerful and have a lot of energy to them. The cover on the far left is intense I knew this was coming but this cover is so good the light effects are so pretty and the circle around them is a really nice touch. The Wolverine cover is good really dynamic and the magical effects around him are really cool. The Deadpool variant is really fun it's a pity I didn't get it Deadpools really nicely drawn and the silly mouth on him looks pretty funny. The Jean Grey cover is the best showing all that's happened to her evrey version of her looks great and shows her age really well the teen version and the older one and I love the Original X-men ones face in the middle of it all it's the best. The all new X-men 3 cover is intense Cyclops looks great and the action looks great. The New Avengers one is good but probably the weakest Cap looks great and very determined but it's not the best . The All new x-men connecting one is great the layout is perfect and it doesn't look cluttered the facial expressions are perfect.

Different types of setting

One of the things I liked about Fear itself and there wasn't a lot I liked but I loved the art and one of the best part was how well Immonen handled the Mystical part and the Nazi and Modern tech part. He's done it in other books such as New Avengers but Fear Itself was the stand out one. The far right image is from New Avengers and shows Mystical powers and sort of wealthy mansions it's a nice clash and works really well. Fear itself was the stand out one and the best part was the Nazi Robots they looks so good and then you get large mystical fortresses they go so well together you wouldn't expect them too but they do and it's impressive.


This is what Stuart Immonems best at action scenes they have so much energy to them yes he's great at emotional scenes but his Action scenes are the best in the business they are so good. He really excells at splash pages and two page spreads were he's allowed to play with the layouts and the amount of detail he puts into them is astonishing the Fear itself ones are astonishing and beautiful as are the New avengers the best out of these is The far right it's so pretty but none of them are as good as this.

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This is so good it doesn't get better than this there is so much image and I just love this and it's pretty great to see Ms Marvel do this it's my favourite it's so good.

Stuart Immonen is a great artist not everyone may like him but I do this is just my attempt to show my appreciation to one of the best artists in the business.

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