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A Surprisingly Fun New Comic Series. 0

Detective Honeybear is the most adorable and silliest comic I have possibly read so far. The first page and a quarter of the issue already had me stunned and giggling like a 6 year old at what the comic has to offer. The series follows Detective Honeybear, a rather cute, somewhat easily distracted, childlike teddy bear who doesn't quite belong in a noire universe filled with crime and other threats. And he's a master sleuth. Sort of.Together, Honeybear and his partner Detective Chance solve all...

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Guns, aliens and skepticism. 0

Since the start of Gillen's run on this series I've always been... indifferent. Unfortunately not much has changed during this arc. Firstly, the art looks great. I just hope Land doesn't come back onto this series again and Eaglesham stays long enough. One minor gripe I have though is where did Howard get that shotgun? One moment he and 451 are running down a corridor to the elevator where The Bear is and Howard is only carrying a pistol, the next inside they're inside the elevator and Howard is...

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An enticing issue setting up another adventerous story arc. 0

(First time reviewing. Go easy on me)Cullen Bunn's run on this series has continued to be exciting, and this issue is no different. We get the return of a few familiar faces, such as Katy Kiernan poking around again. Obviously the events that happened previously with Toxin and Venom at Flash's school caught her attention but something is hinting that she's there for something more. No doubt we'll find out soon why. But convenient for Flash to have Katy around as he will need her abilities to hel...

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