Birth of Briohazard

Deep in the darkest jungles of Panama lies a village contamented unstable chemicals. The recidence of this village believed this chemical was modern magic from the americas but little did they know it was the very thing making them sick. A mother, thinking that this modern magic could save her unborn child, gave birth in a small pool of this so called modern magic. She died giving birth but her child lived on...

   Its been seventeen years since the day of my birth. As a child i felt alone and scared. Over the years i began devolping weird abilities and realized i was immune to the sickness plaguing what was left of my fellow villagers. I had a talent for being agile and stealthy but it wasn't until my 13th birthday that my true power was revealed.   Running through the woods one day i stumbled upon a chemical lab in the middle of the jungle. I kept getting closer and closer as my curiosity grew and grew. Unfortunatly two security gaurds spotted me. Without a moments hesitation i was sprinting through the woods trying to escape my captors. Due to my lack of luck a large root extruding from the ground caused me to break my ankle and come crashing to the ground. Fear filled my entire body. With my eyes shut i awaited the moment were i would be found by the two guards. I waited awhile anticipating the moment i would be captured but it didn't come. Slowly i gaind the courage to open my eyes. Slowly the two guards were walking no more than five feet away. They couldnt see me. I looked at my hands and i could only see the ground.

That was the day i realized i had the abilitys of a chameleon. The ability to take in my surroundings.

  Now i i'm trying to stop that chemical lab from spreading its waste and plauging the world like they did my village.
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