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Popular Comics #5: Good Stuff! 0

Published by Dell Comics, Popular Comics continues to reprint popular Sunday-edition newspaper strips.  From comedy (Reg'lar Fellas), to Action (Terry and the Pirates), to drama (Little Orphan Annie), this comic book has something for almost everyone!  New to this issue is the comic strip Tippie, which showcases a (usually in pantomime) the crazy doing of the dog Tippie.  Very funny!  This issue also loses two strips: Gasoline Alley (a shame, as it is good) and Baby Sister (no loss).  The hum...

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Review: Generation X Annual: 1997 (Oct 1997) 0

 This issue takes place sometime before the current Operation: Zero Tolerance that is taking place during the month of this release.  This is an adaptation by Maggin of a novel by Scott Lobdell and Elliot S! Maggin. While the Generation X kids train, they begin to see apparitions of the headmistress Emma Frosts' former students, now deceased...the Hellions. The demon known as D'spayre has diabolic plans for Gen X! Told from the perspective of Chamber, the whole issue felt rather i...

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