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Why did I join comcivne?

I was searching battles on the computer. I came across comicvine and I say pictures and everything was well set. I didnot want to join in the beginning. I was afriad. But eventually I joined and I have been havibg a good time on comicvine. It will get more fun when school starts again because I will have something extra to do.

Comicvine has beem fun and I hope it stays fun for a very long time.



I want to see hancock I wonder if he will be stronger than superman from superman returns.  He looks pretty cool a different style from superman he wont let you punch him a 1,000 times before he throws a punch.  In the comercial he punches the boy that played as micheal myers as he was a kid.  Hancock is going to be hot you get to see a black superman that wont hold back. I TOOK THEM LONG ENOUGH AND WHO BETTER TO PLAY THE PART WILL SMITH?

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