Supermans and injured spidermans

Welcome all. the last time i wrote anything was about a month. being the most busy month for most people im hop noticed that much. i bought my first comics last week in about a month. i have a pile a good foot high to read. Most being batman comics as there have been a boatload of new batman comics released. though i maybe most excited to read the new issue of supergirl as i find she is the best "super" comic available right now as superman is really hard to count on these days. also two interludes in 3 months for the grounded storyline? come on. 
Also im kinda of excited to read the new big time storyline for spiderman as i hear at least the first couple issues of the story are pretty good. only bad thing is there is one comic i have before that storyline starts at its long. Speaking of spiderman apparently more injuries for the spiderman Broadway show. no way that thing is going on tour. 
Im becoming more and more obsessed with getting cover run by Adam Hughes. the next pay after Christmas is totally going towards a copy of that box. sadly my local comic box story does not have any. 
the good new for me and for all of you is that with the holiday season in full swing ill be doing me traveling which means ill actually have time to read my comics and i hope to review or post something about everything i read. probably next week. i also have to make sure i read the dc holiday special before Christmas is over even though i dont think its really holiday related. o and i want to watch santa claus conquers the martins. the mst3k version of course. in fact in going to do that now. 
ill talk to you all later. 
Ps. im starting to like deadpool max.the 3rd issue is starting at me right now. begging me to read it. its sad its the only comic ive been inclunded to read this month. ive gotten lazy.....