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Comic Convention horror stories.

Hey, I was just wondering if anyone out there has a comic convention horror story? Was there very someone you wanted to meet to only learn that person was a dick or have a bad experience with an artist?

Personally at the most recent comic convention I went to the Fan Expo in Toronto, I wanted in line to commission an artist, paid his helper and was told to come back at the end of the night for my cover. He never finished it and he had 4 days to do it. I would go back every day and was told the same thing, Oh it's coming don't worry or it's up next. After being blown off by him and his helper on the last day I was told to leave my address and they will mail it to me. It's been 3 weeks and have received nothing, I have no email or anything to contact the artist. At this point and time I do not believe I will ever receive this cover that I paid for, and it's a let down.