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Comic Convention horror stories.

Hey, I was just wondering if anyone out there has a comic convention horror story? Was there very someone you wanted to meet to only learn that person was a dick or have a bad experience with an artist?

Personally at the most recent comic convention I went to the Fan Expo in Toronto, I wanted in line to commission an artist, paid his helper and was told to come back at the end of the night for my cover. He never finished it and he had 4 days to do it. I would go back every day and was told the same thing, Oh it's coming don't worry or it's up next. After being blown off by him and his helper on the last day I was told to leave my address and they will mail it to me. It's been 3 weeks and have received nothing, I have no email or anything to contact the artist. At this point and time I do not believe I will ever receive this cover that I paid for, and it's a let down.


Dazzler Design.

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So Marvel has released this image of the new design of Dazzler Bendis has been teasing about and here it is.

Normally I love Marvel redesigns, you name it and I have welcomed it or warmed up to it very quickly, with Captain Marvel being the exception I became a fan of that when she dropped the terrible fauxhawk. Apparently, though Dazzler is going to carry that torch now. I really do not understand why they choice this design, It seems super dated like late 80's punk or Nu Metal goth crowd of the late 90's.

So what do you think is this an attempt to make a lame 80's character edgy? Or are you a fan of this new design?


Ultimate FF Cancelled at 6

News came out today that Ultimate FF will be ending at issue six with Fialkov confirming it on twitter.

I really can't say I'm too surprised by this news, but it still must suck for fans of the Ultimate Universe.

For fans of the Ultimate Universe why do you think they have had some little success with the Fantastic Four? I have always felt the UU take on Marvel's first family have been terrible, but is that the problem is its poor characterization? Or have people just moved on from a "young" Fantastic Four and see the team works better being older?

Please tell me your thoughts.


DC Cancels SUPERMAN UNCHAINED #8-9, To Be Resolicited

Newsarama is reporting that in typical Jim Lee fashion the last two issues of Superman Unchained have been canceled to be released at a later date. This series has been hindered on how long it takes each issue to come out and seeing this makes me think it will be like All Star Batman and Robin which people are still waiting for that series to finish.

At this point why not cut your losses and get an artist that can make the deadline to finish the series.


Most overrated writers,artists and series.

I'm not to sure if there is a thread like this, But I wanted to know who people think are the most overrated names and titles in the business?

For me its

Artist: Jim Lee, The 90's are over dude and the medium grew why didn't your style?

Writer: Hmm Would have to go with Garth Ennis, His parodies have now lost there way and I find his comics series now have to attempt to shock people. Remender is up there as well.

Series: Sorry guys but its Batman, I have no idea way people are so banana's over this series. With the long dragged out arcs and no detective work to speak of. Batman seems more like the supernatural fighter (with all the cliche horror movie takes on his villains.) then a superhero.


Matt Kindt leaving Suicide Squad.

Reports are coming in that Kindt is leaving Suicide Squad after Forever Evil. When I heard this news I just thought then what was the point? Why did you get rid of Kot in a fashion that gave you terrible PR only to have the new writer that you hyped as his permanent replacement leave after less than 7 issues citing that he can't juggle so many books and that he was only supposed to pen up to the end of the F.E. Tie ins.

Just want to know other peoples opinions on this


Anyone else kind of mad that Harley Quinn 0 got pushed back?

I was really looking forward to getting my hands on that issue and when I called my buddy at the comic shop he informed me that DC gave him a late heads up via email that it was pushed back to the 20th. This kind of makes me mad I have been looking forward to reading this for months and when the date they set for its release it gets pushed back for what seems like no reason other then to pad the weaker third week of the month.

On the bright side here are some previews. Looks like it will be a hell of a lot of fun this title.

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Fantastic Four to be relaunched -_-

So IGN is reporting that the Fantastic Four will be relaunched once again this time by James Robinson with this being the plot "the demise of the Fantastic Four" and following how the team got to that point.

I have always loved the Fantastic Four and I adore what Hickman did with them but this feels like a slap in the face. Marvel is now what committed to breaking up any family that they have on their roster? I am sick of that crap and Robinson has shown in the past he can be a lights out writer or he can just create a mess and I am predicting this is going to be a mess. I am really pissed off right now that it seems Marvels first family is about to be ended for no reason at all........I really need to give up mainstream comics all they do is dissapoint.


Stephanie Brown is coming back!.......

Okay so earlier today DC's golden boy Scott Snyder announced that the fan favorite character will make her new 52 debut in Batman Eternal issue 3. So I think it's really cool that fans of Spoiler will get to see her again but is this just DC trying to mend fences between fans because this year was not that good for them?


Villains month has been terrible.

Well I have to say I was no really looking forward to villains month and after reading 10 different specials so far in my opinion this month has spawned some of the worst one shots I can remember.

I have read Harley Quinn, Deadshot, The Creeper, Lobo, Lex Luthor, Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, Grundy, Zod and Joker. Not a single issue jumped out at me for being good or memorable there all just weak stories that did nothing for me and I think they hindered the villains they were supposed to be highlighting.

So I want to know does anyone else think villains month has been a bust?

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