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@the_red_viper: I suppose it depends on what you mean by nothing. Since everything is made up of particles zipping through space, even empty space isn't necessairly empty at the atomic scale. All of us are made of the same particles, were just aranged in different ways and different complexities. Like water, all Thanos would need to do is bond one oxygen atom with two hydrogen atoms and multiply that to a sufficient scale to fill a glass with water.

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@the_red_viper: That's possible, but with the complete gauntlet it seems that everything changes in reference to scale. If he was able to eradicate half the universal population with the completed gauntlet as was implied, then the inverse on a universal scale is also possible. But I guess with both of our speculation, we'll have to see what happens in the sequel as to how strong the gauntlet truly is.

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@the_red_viper: No, he can. The building blocks are already there, it's just that most of the complex structures in space are uninhabitable to biological life of roughly the homo-sapien variety. But that doesn't mean he can't reconstruct it; he has the full gauntlet now. But, there would still be problems, which are mostly metaphysical. Which is, would having an active God at work in the universe ultimately be beneficial to life, or hinder it from growing on its own?

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There was more than enough resources, the writers just didn't give him enough imagination. The limited quantity he referred to were resources that that were a necessity for biological life, i.e. roughly human life, since pretty much all of the species in the MCU are fairly similar to homo-sapiens. Though there was only a finite amount of sufficiently complex biological resources, what was abundant was the building block for all complex structures...matter. He could have simply built up or reworked previously "dead" materials into complex structures that can sustain life by reworking them and changing them at the atomic level. He has the infinity gauntlet of course, so it's very doable.

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I suppose you could just ask him out. Asking others to compare you two says more about your insecurities than how you actually look.

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Just a little information before I start. The knowledge I have of the Sentry only extends to the uncanny avengers run a couple years back when he returned as the horseman Death. So my explanations only refer to plot points and story arcs leading up to that point.

What I enjoy so much about the title character, and what leads to many of his plot problems was always the instability of his mind. Though done to death, I believe his story is a wonderful interpretation of the internal struggle of the consciousness. The central battle for Robert Reynolds was always the internal struggle we all deal with. The struggle that underlies the heroes journey, the heroes battle with the dragon, the tyrant, and the transformation. But the problem was the he was always written at the surface level, mostly because a lot of comic writers don't have sufficient knowledge of the ideas and themes they put forth. So, what I want to do is delve into the archetypal meanings the ultimate battle Robert Reynolds had with himself.

The creation myth and separation of opposites:

In the beginning there was nothing; only the primordial void of chaos. Then god said, "let there be light." And light was born, and thus there was the separation of the opposites. The divine masculine(consciousness/light/order) and the natural feminine(unconsciousness/darkness/chaos). Each creation myth is the interpretation of the advent of ego and consciousness in humanity, the aspect that sets us apart from the unconscious instinctual cycle of nature. The ego is the catalyst for the separation of light and darkness, the ego is the hero that fights the dragon of the unconscious, and the tyrant father, to create balance between them. That is the internal struggle of every individual, the struggle of self- actualization, and for Robert, the Sentry, the Void, and Death, are the external expression of that process.

The hero and the Dragon:

Because of Roberts unique ability to manipulate the particles of physical reality, every subjective process of the minds struggle for peace is represented objectively, though the only actual truth is Robert himself. The Sentry and the Void are more akin to dreams of the psyche than actual personalities. The Sentry is Roberts ego, taking on the mantle of the hero, and the Void is his unconscious, represented as the all consuming monster of chaos. The huge problem for all of us is that all of our fears, anxieties, and demons reside in our sub-conscious, that's why it's always represented as a dragon. That is also why the void is so much more powerful than the Sentry. The reason why his mental state is deteriorating is because his internal struggles with the different parts of his psyche are bleeding out into the real world and it's impossible to control that. Even without powers, it's a monumental struggle to defeat your inner demons and reconcile with your unconscious; with reality warping added to the mix everything's multiplied a billion fold. The tragedy is that Robert is the failed hero, he's always overcome by the dragon, his ego is always dissolved into the void.

The horseman Death, or the death of the ego:

There is another process undergone by the ego, it can be done willingly or forcefully, that is the ego death. It can be a fundamental change of the personality, or the complete dissolution of the ego. At the end of siege when Robert finally appeared in the crater after the Void was defeated by Thor, he begged Thor to kill him because he lost to the unconscious forces of his psyche, unconscious forces that became incredibly destructive. Thor eventually destroyed his body and gave it to the sun. What happened to him inside the star was that along with his physical body, all aspects of his psyche were also being torn down until eventually, Robert died. With the help of the death seed, a new personality was born, strengthened by celestial technology, this new ego was powerful enough hold the void(unconscious) within the light of consciousness, a small nuisance at the edges of the white hot room. I don't believe the void simply left, I believe all those fears, anxieties, and demons died with Robert in the core of the sun, which caused the sub-conscious to completely give way to the overwhelming might of this new personality that simply does not care about any of that anymore. Not to mention that the death seed completely changed how his psyche worked, strengthening it beyond belief. And thus, the horseman Death was born.

Transformation and rebirth, the terrible father:

You'd think since the unconscious is all but destroyed within Death that all is better, but as we saw in Uncanny Avengers, there was still something, off with him. That's because, even though the unconscious can take the form of the terrible dragon, it is also nurturing mother, the holder of all of our emotions, dreams, and instincts, whether good or bad. With the inclusion of the death seed, his new consciousness basically threw the baby out with the bathwater. Throwing out everything that made him human. With this iteration, Death actually falls sway to the terrible father, the negative masculine. Under this archetype, he became heartless, being willing to sacrifice all for the vision of his utopia. The eternal revolutionary and the destroyer of civilizations, and as evidenced by the apocalypse twins control over him, the eternal son to the tyrant king, never willing to ascend to the throne of his psyche. This was also evidenced during Dark Avengers where Robert was always under the sway of Osborn. But, a little ray of light was shown when their control over him was broken at the end of Uncanny avengers, and a little bit of his old self returned.


Robert is a beautiful failure. At every turn he failed to destroy his demons, and at every turn he relied on someone else instead of himself for direction. I really do hope that if the writers come back to him, there is some form of progress toward his internal struggles, because at the end of the avengers run, it really seemed like there would be significant change. He seemed like a clean slate, ready to carve out a new perspective from the ashes of the old. I saw his traversal through the void of the cosmos at the end of Uncanny Avengers as the willful decent into the underworld, to reunite with the aspects of his psyche that were so contorted through his life. I saw a glimpse of true change that would make a wonderful end to his long arc as a damaged character, into a true hero. So, as stated before, it's been a long time since I've read a comic, and it's been a long time since I've re-visited a lot of this so there may be holes in my explanations of events, but I just don't have the energy to go all the way through his story arcs again. I hope that anyone who read this enjoyed it and have a good one.

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Though I'm not much into comics anymore, it's always fun to look back and think on some things. Currently that is centered around the Celestials, their origin and their existence within certain realities. I'm sure that now with all of the relaunches their is some new origin for them and I'm sure it's at least, somewhat convoluted. What always stuck with me though was Nathaniel Richards comment on the wiki about his suspicion that their powers derived from hyperspace. Thinking about it, yeah it makes sense, their powers aren't necessarily godly it's just that they have more freedom to tinker. We are four dimensional beings, we have the three dimensional space we can move freely in and the fourth dimension of time in which we have no choice but forward in the constant march toward greater entropy. But they exist in five dimensions and perhaps that allows for more flexibility and the rest of this post is me rambling about that. Note that this is me talking about the Celestials origins and abilities that are pretty much pre Secret Wars so chances are that there's some new piece of info that will destroy my entire post.

Let's talk dimensions(excluding time) and I have a wonderful description from Neil DeGrasse Tyson. A point is a zero dimensional space, no room for any kind of movement or expression. Following that we have the line, a one dimensional space with two zero dimensional points on the end. One could move foreword or backward freely in that space but that is all. Next we have a two dimensional square which is made of four one dimensional lines and in this space you have the freedom on forward and backward, left and right. Now we move on to the three dimensional cube which consists of six two dimensional squares and in this space you have the freedom to move up down left right forward back. The next leg up would be the four dimensional hypercube, which is an eight sided cube and each side consists of a three dimensional space(that's a lot of extra space!). Think about it, how much power would you have if you found a two dimensional world? What could you achieve with having a birds eye view of everything that is happening and what could you do if you wanted to influence it? Now move it to a higher dimension than ours, where the acts of those beings would seem godly to us, to them it could just be utilizing the space that those extra dimensions provide just like how your influence over a two dimensional existence would seem godly to them but to you the normal action within three dimensions.

Now let's introduce time into the equation but first, what is time? Time is causality and causality is the term used to explain the fact that there is an underlying cause for every effect. This goes all the way back to the big bang which caused everything and the resulting universe is the effect. The funny thing is that causality(time) has a speed limit which just so happens to be the speed of light, which isn't light speed but the speed of causality and every event or creation/birth, evolution/progression, death/decay can only happen within that speed limit and only to objects that have mass. So the photon which is the light carrier does not experience time because it doesn't have mass. Now that sounds a bit weird but let me explain, you are moving at light speed this very moment.The thing is that unlike a massless object like a photon that is moving exclusively through space, you are moving through space andtime, so your speed is split into two different directions but it all still equals to the speed of causality from which you are forever bound and cannot exceed. Now considering that the Celestials exist in a higher dimension and can move freely in time, that would suggest that time(causality) is another dimension that can be fully traversed just like your third dimension over a two dimensional space. The deeper implications of this is that there is no now, there is no past and there is no future and that every event that has ever happened and ever will happen simply exists in a complete four dimensional space that we can't comprehend because we don't exist outside of it or at least in a high enough dimension to comprehend it fully.

Considering all of this, it makes some sense that the Celestials are the way they are. It makes sense that they have to use their armor to interact with our lower dimensional universe, maybe because they exist outside of causality, they can't influence it unless they actually have a vessel inside that space form fitted for that spaces laws that they can inhabit. It makes sense that they can't truly die because it's only a suit that's being destroyed and not the essence because it exists outside of spacetime. It makes sense that their powers seem so godly but maybe if you were elevated to their level, that type of action could be as common as you influencing a 2D picture in your 3D space. It makes sense how they can traverse through time the way the do, since it's probably all out there, each event open to be influenced or merely experienced. Though the biggest problems are always inconsistencies and no where is that worse than in comics. Every writer has their own spin and it can be maddening to find what is actually canon and once you think you have it, someone slaps you with some obscure comic panel that changes everything so don't take this as anything more than an opinion. Also note that all of my explanations are very base, I didn't factor relativity or anything more complicated into this because I didn't want to write a book, like I said above, it's merely rambling. CHEERS!

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@alancoralo: I've only read house of M, but no, I don't really read comics anymore. Though assuming bendis would restrain himself with characters was foolish on my part. I guess she could affect the multiverse.

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@alancoralo: What abstract being did she defeat? She affected the earth timeline, that is all.

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@alancoralo: She's not omniversal or even universal, her warping was only on a planetary level.