Avengers Limbo

The one thing in comics you never want your favorite hero to be apart of is comic limbo. Here is to all the Avengers members that probably wont see the light of day on the Avengers again due to reasons.

List items

  • Founding member of the team. 7th smartest guy on the planet and now he is left adrift in space in an Ultron due to Vision. Come on Marvel, he doesn't even get his own image on this site. You will be missed Hank

  • Monica has been chair of the Avengers and has went through like 50 name changes. Yet when has she actually been back on the Avengers team. It got so petty that she and Carol fought over one of her names

  • She married Hellstorm and it went all down hill for the oldest person in the Marvel universe.

  • Its the Ebony Blade. He need to be on the team and not MI13

  • Basically immortal and she can manipulate atoms...and she hasn't been on the team since the 90s for what reason?

  • Remember back in the day when the only two people in the universe that really cared about a Thanos threat was Starfox and Silver Surfer? This dudes power is basically what every man wants...to control woman

  • Remember Avengers Island? Remember who took care of it? You wont be forgotten, bro.

  • She is a cross between Ultron and Wasp yet she always appears in future events. We know you will come back, but it wont be in the 616 for anything too long.

  • Why does the team need Simon when they got the Hulk. I see why he formed a team to attack the Avengers

  • Someone really hates Namor in MARVEL. After the way TChalla and Black Bolt did him in, he never coming back to the team

  • Former wife of Hawkeye. SHIELD agent. West Coast Avenger founding member and people barely remember she has membership.

  • I don't think Marvel likes cats.

  • He was alright in Force Works, once you got over his weird talking patterns.

  • There are other Avengers that did far worse (cough, cough, Vision) and yet they kick him off the team when he was infected by Sentinel tech???

  • He isn't the green guy, but he was alright. His loss of powers seemed ironic.

  • He really shined during Avengers Academy. We all know he will be the last living human, and yet the team doesn't want mutants

  • He has decent powers. The only reason he may make the real team is cuz he is the only known gay hero on the Avengers history

  • He is more than a Cap want to be. Sam does a good job as new Cap, as did Bucky, but come on. Dude is off in another dimension with psycho Avengers with a Venom symbiote to give him legs and an arm and no one cares.

  • He was the cornerstone of a pocket Marvel dimension. Helped in the Incursion with his power yet he really hasn't done anything. That means limbo.

  • He wont see the light of day as long as Luke Cage is around. He need to get a better costume.

  • She is British. She isn't getting too far to see the team again. It was more that they felt sorry for what happened to her that she even made the team

  • Why does she have membership??? To give birth to Cannonball's son?

  • Remember when Skrull Mar-Vell came crashing to Earth and told him to be the next Mar-Vell? He isn't getting too far from Young Avengers to make the big boy team

  • Avengers aren't too big into her genre of hero

  • This guy gets no respect. When he first joined an enraged SheHulk punches him through the wall and they blame Jack.