Hank Pym vs Maker

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I like to call this...

The Pymtron rebuttals://

my replies are in spoilers while I dissected yours into quotes. Key word is dissected

Counter to Ultron's Hacks

Impressive stuff for Ultron although trying to hack The Maker is gonna be Ultron's downfall.

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Reed's AI, The City was able to hijack an Omega Level Omniopath with ease and afterward killed him. The Mind Stone of the Ult. Universe, Anthony, also stated that one would need either 500 years or a supercomputer the size of a solar system in order to hack Reed.

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[Rebuttal One://]

Wait, what! You and me remember the end of Ultimates differently. Either you forgot or you are trying to redirect around the subject. I mean, I have nothing to hide cuz Im giving you the series and some issue numbers if you want to double check context, but the above is a little off.

First off, Anthony did hack the Dome...the entire Dome, so much that Knife, Spears, and even the Giant Iron Man that fought Hulk, as shown below

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secondly, even from the Ultimate series, the omnipath did break in. Omnipathy is more TP related, but even with the two scans Reed even says so

Maker even says in the 2nd scan that, "despite our best efforts, it appears the City is not secure." Now the omnipath did get owned on counter-measures but it was still breached

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and then there was the time in New Avengers (vol4 issues 14-17 (2015)) that Maker's tech got hacked yet again, and brought down.

Now I will say this is low ball Maker cuz he was going through the effects of what Molecule Man did to him and also that the rules of 616 laws make him lower IQ

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but even when he regains his usual self when the universe collapses, Maker's tech still gets hacked by 1610 Iron Man in Ultimates 100.

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So to counter what Anthony said in your scan, every showing after that scan has proven that Maker tech has been hacked...multiple times

If Ultron decides to try and hack the placet as you claimed in your opener Reed could simply transport the City and all of his forces into another reality like the Negative Zone and prep in there. Not to mention Ultron's technopathy is gonna take an extremely long time to acct terraform the planet in Reed's perspective. 0.19 seconds in the Dome is a year in real time according to Reed so Reed's gonna have all his prep done even before Ultron's even got 20% of the planet taken over. Not to mention the Virus would probably die if it got close to the Dome due to the harsh gravity.

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[Rebuttal Two://]

From what I know of battle and prep, prep cannot extend to the battlefield before the battle actually starts. It usually is contained in the area. I was more stating the techno-hack of Titan as a showing of pure size of ability. Your Dome is a city size object in Germany. Titan is a moon. Moon > then city

As for time manip with Maker, Pym has defeated said feats against 616 Reed

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As for harsh gravity, the sheer science of Pym particles has also defeated such measures

As a reminder, Pym particles has escaped not only nuclear fusion of the sun but also escaped its gravity

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So utilizing Pym particles, as Ive shown Pymtron has actually used, it also escaped Chthon's planetary reality warp which took out Asgard in Oklahoma, X-utopia in San Francisco, and even Baxter Building, yet inside Pym particles they were safe and also teleported into the reality warp via Infinite Mansion teleportation doors.

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If Pym particles can escape sun gravity and heat and also Chthon planet reality warp with no effects, I think I will be fine against the Dome's harsh gravity.

The City/The Dome

The Dome is Reed's base of operation it has some pretty OP self-defense plus it has an AI that's able to combat Ultron's technopathy assuming he tries to uses it. Besides that The City can take over for Reed if he chooses to leave and attend to something.

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Scan 1: The City can increase the density of The Dome to yank Thor out of the air when's fifty miles out of range.

Scan 2: The City can hide The Dome from SHIELD's scanning

Scan 3: The City can predict possible outcomes of an event

Scan 4: The City can enable The Dome to fly

Scan 5: The City can create almost anything as seen it creates a giant Iron Man armor that can fight evenly with a Giant Man version of Ult. Hulk.

[Rebuttal Three://]

The Dome is pretty much tech. Its definitely Artificial Intelligence. And actually would go under the hacking

Not only does Ultron have planet level technopathy compared to your city

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But as stated above during Rage of Ultron which they merged, Hank has tech that can shut down Artifical Intelligence tech.

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This is an actual invention I mentioned in prep to counter Maker. This isn't WIS like the Pym virus that killed Ultron. So much so that Pym created it to counter such an event

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Reed's forces

I might sound blunt but Ultron's drones honestly have nothing on what Reed's children. Let's take a look...

The Children

The Swords

These things are physical monsters and Reed has a lot of these things.

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Scan 1: Overpowered a Captain who's on par with 1610 Thor

Scan 2: Overpowering the actual Thor

Scan 3: Blitzing Iron Man

Scan 4: Showcasing enough strength to overpower 616 Black bolt

Scan 5: Firing energy blasts powerful enough to kill 616 Groot and Rocket Raccoon.

The Knife

These things serve as Reed's bodyguards and each of them is a solid high tier on their own.

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In only 2 scans we see these things tear stomp the Ultimate Version of Thor with a speed blitz and 3 hits. What makes this showing more impressive is that unlike 616 Slowdinson, 1610 Thor has been able to keep up with FTL 1610 Quicksilver and Hyperion with no trouble.

[Rebuttal Four://]

Its debatable on feats of such clones. I mean I have clones that have powers of Avengers and have also infected said Avengers on the level I think you are talking about as shown above

I mean the Children are valid. They can fight against 1610 Asgardians. I wont deny that, but I like to point out two points again:

1- they are using tech vs Ultron clones. Did you not see my scans of Ultron clones using Vision's intangibility and Scarlet Witch's hex bolts?

2- their organic nature can also be transformed as stated above when they did the Avengers or just by pure dispersal like he did back in Avengers West Coast 66 and also did it in Rage of Ultron on a planetary scale

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The Geneticists

Probably the weakest of Richard's army but they bring something unique to the table and that's being able to scan the drones, identify their weakness, and adapt. The Geneticists can also transfer their information to Reed and The City(I'll bring up later) who can work on a way to neutralize them while The Children protect the Dome

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Scan 1: Evolves in order to see Magic

Scan 2: Performs scans on superhumans

Scan 3: Performs 4591 scans On Tony Stark in a matter of seconds and informs The Maker of her discoveries

Scan 4: Combat wise they are faster and stronger than Spider-Woman.

[Rebuttal Five://]

The more people you have I understand helps you with prep but. if he wanted to, Hank could just copy his brain patterns into more Ultron's. That is who Ultron is anyways: a copy of Hank Pym. Hank was the one that transferred Wonder Man's brain patterns to Vision, and by separation Wasp's to Jocasta

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But even if it wasn't used, and Ultron just wanted mindless clones, which he usually does, let me counter such feats vs your Geneticist with pure Hank ability

Hank has been able to see magic

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Hank's brain is so advanced even 40th century tech cannot understand it

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But there is one thing I know your Geneticist cannot do...

like punching through Magus chest - who I find to be on Ultron tier

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Ultron first has to get close to The Maker which is already beyond him not to mention Reed isn't going down as easily as you claim but I'll showcase that if you somehow provide proof that Ultron can get past The Dome and The Children.

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I responded to every single subject your brought up. I think its a fair assumption that if your main strategy is to attack me with tech and biology vs an expert in biology and tech with actual feats against your strategy along with 616 Reed as well, I think Im getting past your Children and Dome with tech spores/transformation.

I hear those teleportation doors opening through Pym space now. Hello. Reed. Are you ready...

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