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Real Name: Michael Ryan Shawn.

Aliases: Boresight.

Age: 28 y/o.

Hair Color: Blond.

Eye Color: Blue.

Height: 6'0''

Weight: 190lbs.

Species: Mutant.


Alignment: Strigidae.

Orientation: Unknown.

Birthplace: Unknown.

Relationship Status: Unknown.

Occupation: Assassin.

Once upon a time Michael Ryan Shawn was a member of the Strigidae Order. Strigidae 99; a relative newcomer to their ranks but a proud one. Ascending to the ranks of the Strigidae had been his dream since he first heard quiet whispers of the orders existence while living in a mutant refuge camp after the deaths of his parents in an anti-mutant riot.

His dream was torn away from him as quickly as it arrived. Not two months after his ascension to Strigidae he was challenged by a seventeen year old Richard, later known as Hawkshade, who took both his rank and his life in part of his own quest to join the Strigidae order. Only by defeating another Strigidae in mortal combat could entry into the order be secured and as he lay dying Michael's last thought was not remorse for the Strigidae he had killed to enter the ranks but rather hatred for the man who cut his dream short.

But his story was not to end there.

Michael Ryan Shawn was too useful to go to waist. The Seven Secret Masters gathered his corpse and reanimated it through an abomination of science and mysticism. He was reborn, half-insane from the stress of death and resurrection and completely dependent upon the Seven Secret Masters for vials of the serum which kept him alive; without which he will descend into madness and die a second, agonizing death.

Michael Ryan Shawn has but one single power and it is a simple one. He never gets tired. Not physically and not mentally. He has never slept, never felt exhaustion and never slowed due to fatigue or mentally 'burned out.' On its own this would be a useful, but unremarkable product of the x-gene. Michael, however, has used this power to its full potential mastering hundreds of physical and mental skill by simply practicing for hundreds of hours at a time. Because he never experiences mental burnout he is capable of training or studying as long as a subject holds his interests and because he never tires he can perform repetitive tasks millions of times in a row without suffering exhaustion. As a result he is a master of ninety six different martial arts, four hundred and eighty nine firearms, twelve types of gymnastics, three parkour styles and a plethora of medical, survival and technical skills. Though not particularly physically gifted the combination of tireless training and high grade performance enhancing drugs have pushed him into the Olympic category in all physical stats.

Taken individually these skills would be impressive. But combined their synergistic effect made Michael a supernaturally fearsome combatant. He can flow effortlessly into a gynmastic routine while delivering precision fire with a firearm in one hand and parrying the attacks two or three opponents with the other, overwhelm a master of the martial arts with a plethora of exotic moves only mastered by a handful of people on earth and perform death defying feats of agility, timing and skill as easily as one might eat breakfast in the morning simply because he has performed each movement millions of times and is unencumbered by fatigue.