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Top 5 Star Wars Droids.

We all know Star wars has some pretty lovable droids, so I decided to rank the best! Note:This is my first list, so I got the placing wrong. HK-47 is 1. See-threepio{T3-m4} is two. R2-D2 is 3. R5-D4 is 4. C-3PO is 5.

List items

  • I don't think I need an explanation here. He's just plain awesome.

  • Skippy the Force-Sensitive droid. Skippy was glad to be bought by Luke, as it saw that he had a great destiny, but blew himself up when he relaised that Darth Vader would find R2 and get the Death Star plans from him and take over the galaxy. He was a noble droid. Sure, it was non-cannon, but it was cool.

  • The smart golden droid is serious and somewhat timid, but he gave us many laughs, and he is a perfect companion for R2-D2.