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Fantastic Four, from worst to best.

We all know and love the Fantastic Four. Now I rank them, from best to worst. Okay, bad intro, but if I did a better one, it would be too much like my TMNT one. Lets get started.

List items

  • Okay, he's sometimes boring, too serious, a jerk, has sucky powers,goes insane if he's seprerated from Sue{as seen in manyWwhat-Ifs}, and is one of the biggest plot device users ever. But hey, at least you can respect him.

  • Okay she's hot, smart, and the most powerful member of the team. Now, she's a bit too goody too shoes, is nagging a lot, and won't let Reed do his stinking work! If she didn't ask him to take her out so much, he probably would've cured cancer already.

  • Johnny Storm. Playboy. Cocky. Funny. He's just so cool. But he borders on annoying a couple of times. Also, his powers a bit geniric.

  • Thing is awesome. He was turned into a monster, but still is lovable and he doesn't let it get him down{most of the time}. Also has one of the most memorable sayings ever, "It's Clobberin' Time!" You're ever lovin' heart of gold makes you my favorite, Ben Grimm.