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That Guy With The Glasses

 Any other fans here? Who's your favorite? From the ones I've watched so far(Critic, Chick, Linkara, and Spoony) they all have their own, nice flavors. I do miss Lindsey's reviews though. I wish her the best with her work in college but still. I love all of Doug's works, but I love his That Guy Riffs. They're funny enough to warrant a regular feature. I really want Lewis to continue the adventures of Ensign Munroooooooe.
As a side note, who should I get started on next after I catch up on Spoony? I'm deciding between Angry Joe, Cinema Snob, Benzaie, Sage, Marzgurl, Phelous, Film Brain, Lord Kat, and Paw. For me, the guys who are listed on the main page of the site must represent the elite and probably update frequently enough.


Nick Fury and Captain America

Nick is cunning, ruthless, experinced, and willing to do what's nessecary. Steve could keep him in line and make the public trust Nick. They have plenty experince working together. Oh, and their opponets are Luke Cage and Iron Man.

for the anime magna side,L for pres,Light for vicepres.Both geniuses,have experince working together.   Near and  Mello as opponets.

Cartoons: Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.

Movies:James Bond and Indiana Jones.

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