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Okay for a brief moment I got the urge to bring Abby back just to kick his arse.

Pastors...they really get to her. To me to her to me.

But also...I feel like this motherfluffer needs to die!

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That's the kind of reaction I'm hoping he gets, LOL.

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@queen_cobra: @the_psyentist: @assassinatrix

"I'll cut the bullshit"

From behind his car window's tint of smokey black, the Mad Pimp's diamond grills glistened, giving away the grin that stretched across his pale, tattooed features. He rolled his window down, and his cold blue eyes met hers eyes with the quality of a man pleased. Obedient as ever, the gruff and larger Dwayne pulled the i8's door open and once the serpentine queen sat inside, the door was closed behind her. The Connoisseur sat inside, his fingers coiled round the steering wheel, his large ring glowing golden. And while Dwayne stood guard outside, hands cupped behind his back, the Mad Pimp began. "I'll cut the bullshit, Queen", he paused, a peacock's vanity and swagger dripping from his every pore.

"It ain't just about this city. I want the f****** world. I wanna drive this whip with a Knightfall girl suckin' my dick as I snort lines of coke from the steering wheel", the Connoisseur confessed, his words and earnest countenance casting the presence of a man whose sociopathic desire for power and wealth threatened to drive him to the brink of madness. "And it all starts with Gothic City. But you need connections for that kind of shit. I need more Gs in my crew. I need snitches to show me where the Arachne Clan at, where the Brotherhood used to stock Konite, where Curve's crew at, where they all bitch at. I need connections", the Mad Pimp paused. "Connections with real m************, not those credit card scammin', purse stealin', crack flippin', jewelry store robbin' m************. Real connections, you feel me? And for that shit, I need you".

"Cause I met a pastor once. Long time ago. Gold-plated gun to his head", the Mad Pimp grinned, "He prayed to his Lord and Savior, not to save his life. But to save me. Cause I didn't need to be livin' like this. He prayed", his grin widened, his eyes widening open, his features flaring with the deranged tics of a man possessed by the aphrodisiac of psychotic violence, "AND MY GUN STILL WENT BRRAP BRRAP!", he almost laughed, "My god is the Benjamins I got from the selling the bricks that bought me my pimp cup. I didn't wanna make it out. I wasn't sellin' crack to my own mama cause I needed that shit. I was sellin' that shit cause it was easy money and I didn't give a f***. But that pastor... the man believed in a comfortable lie. Religion is powerful. Has the kinda power I want".

"Only other things with that much power... drugs and p*ssy", he paused, his outlandish features growing earnest once more, his unblinking gaze holding hers till his eyes reddened bloodshot. "You did business with a drug lord. You ran a prostitution ring. You know what the f*** you doin'. I already got a killer in my crew", he told as Dwayne flung the backseat door open for Kaede, the Connoisseur's death-dealing bodyguard. "Now I just need a bad bitch so we can run this town".

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@_alistar_: True, very true. We'll have to just see what happens!

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@connoisseur: This is basically what my friend said too. He doesn't believe if you don't have a successful title defense while you are a champion, then you are not a champion. I believe on the other hand if you beat the champion like Jose Aldo, who hadn't been beaten in 10 years I believe, and face dominant people like Frankie, Chad, Urijah, and others and then Connor beats him. I believe Connor is a champion.

Hmm, I actually don't consider Conor to be a true champion yet. He's got zero title defenses and seems to have no intention of defending his belt.

Now yes he did beat Jose Aldo but he beat him with a flash KO. JDS defeated Cain with a flash KO when they first fought but he was beasted on during their second and third rematches. So I'm not entirely convinced Conor has Jose's number the way everyone believes he does. Also, other than his flash KO win over Aldo, Conor has not fought anyone impressive. Yes he defeated Chad Mendes who is an elite fighter in his weight class but he defeated an out-of-shape Chad in two weeks notice. And he was still beat up for the majority of the fight. And by someone who wasn't even in proper fighting shape.

So a flash KO win and a TKO over an out-of-shape fighter who still managed to beat you up for the majority of the fight... I don't know. He might actually be as good as he seems but I don't know. The featherweight division is as deep as they come but other than a flash KO over Aldo and struggling against an improperly prepared Mendes, who has Conor fought that's impressive? Dennis Siver? LOL. Dustin Poirier? Okay, that's a quality win. Diego Brandao? I wouldn't call that win impressive considering Brandao came in as a late injury replacement so he was in not in fighting shape and during the fight Conor still had to grab the fence to stop a takedown. Max Holloway? Conor beat Holloway three years ago. Holloway is a completely different fighter now. He wasn't even a top ranked featherweight when he and Conor fought. And he wasn't even half as good as he is today. And is it any coincidence that the only guy Conor couldn't finish was the only guy in his division that's taller than him? Or maybe it actually was the ACL tear, though it makes me wonder how he was able to shoot for all those takedowns with a torn ACL.

And now we're at Conor's first UFC fight. Against Marcus Brimage. Conor is 5'9" and Brimage is 5'4". He's 5'4". Mighty Mouse is 5'3" and he's fighting two weight classes below them. This was what Diaz was talking about when he said Conor's getting pumped up about KO'ing midgets, LOL. Marcus Brimage was KO'd at bantamweight by Jimmie Rivera who is a decision machine. Conor KO'ing him was nothing impressive. Nobody'd be impressed if Mark Hunt KO'd C.B. Dolloway for example. I'm not convinced Conor's a true champion yet because he hasn't defended his belt, is making no effort to do so and his record isn't as impressive as it seems.

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@last_guardian: Right? I was getting ready to put my tinfoil hat on and everything, LMAO.

@inner_demon said:
@justin_lockley said:

So what are we doing to accommodate the new wave of RPers? I don't feel like we should ignore them just because they aren't doing CVnU stuff.

They've got their own thing. If any of them want someone to show them the ropes about what we do, I'd be happy to accommodate, but otherwise, they're not our responsibility.

Mirroring my opinion too.

I was about to say something similar.

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So, do you consider a person a true champion if they haven't had a successful title defense?

I know Matt Hughes made that sentiment popular but think it has more-so to do with the fact that nobody really remembers a champion with no title defenses because such a fighter has no legacy as a champion. Few people remember transitional champions. I personally don't consider a fighter a true champion until they defend their title because the moment you win the title, it becomes your job to defend it. And if you fail at your job, what does that say? It's why I'm so eager to see Conor return to 145 because he hasn't defended his belt yet. And I want to see if he'll succeed or be like Rockhold in that he won the title with an impressive finish over a very tough champion only to lose to someone he was supposed to defeat on paper.

Funnily enough, Rockhold and Conor went on a similar journey in a way. They both won their titles at UFC 194 by finishing champions that looked otherwise unstoppable going into the fights, and they were both rocked and finished in their next fights by lankier pillow-fisted opponents who are both known for a high output of strikes and were both underdogs leading up to the fights. The only difference is that Conor managed to keep his belt because he fought outside his weight class. So it's kind of funny that Rockhold and Conor are similar in that way.

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I still can't believe Left Hook Larry is Middleweight Champion.

I love that he gave himself that nickname, LOL.

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Nine straight wins. I think Holloway is ready for a title shot.